Date: September 20, 2023
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Tre's Squeeze Lemonade in Manhattan, KS

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Tre's Squeeze Lemonade in Manhattan, KS began in 2021 when nine-year-old Tre noticed that there were no drink vendors at our local Farmer's Market in Manhattan, KS.

If you have been to Hy-Vee, Input Salad/Thera-Pie, or one of the other local businesses that carry Tre's Squeeze in Manhattan, KS then you might be familiar with this story and this lemonade. If you haven't heard of, or tasted, Tre's Squeeze, allow me to tell you a little about this amazing young man and his delicious lemonade!

Tre's Squeeze was founded by Tre Glasper when he was nine years old. Tre was inspired by other family members who are entrepreneurs to start his own business. Tre was helping his Uncle at his Smokin' H BBQ stand at the Manhattan Farmer's Market when he was inspired to do something of his own. Tre noticed that there were no vendors selling drinks at the market and he wanted to fill that void. Tre presented the idea to his parents for a lemonade stand, but his idea wasn't going to be like other kids' lemonade stands. Tre knew what he wanted and his parents, both entrepreneurs themselves helped him to make it happen.

Tre began selling his lemonade at our local Manhattan Farmer's Market, and from there, quickly developed a following in our community. You would have to get to the farmer's market early if you wanted to get your hands on a bottle of Tre's Squeeze lemonade. All of Tre's Lemonade is freshly squeezed and made of quality ingredients which are a must! Tre’s Squeeze offers three flavors year-round, original, strawberry, and Wildcat Punch. Go Cats! Tre also produces a seasonal watermelon flavor.

I have tasted all of Tre's flavors, except I haven't gotten my hands on a bottle of his Wildcat Punch, but trust me, I am on the lookout! All the lemonades I have tried are delicious and refreshing. Once you taste this lemonade, you can taste this you know this lemonade is made from scratch. With the unmistakable taste of freshly squeezed lemons and the quality of the remaining ingredients, these lemonades have a phenomenal flavor! My favorite is the original, and if you know me this is not shocking. I simply love a classic! Tre's Squeeze is also the perfect addition when I grab a quick lunch at Input Salad inside Thera-Pie downtown.

As his sales grew he also entered various pitch competitions with Hy-Vee and Startup MHK. Tre won the pitch competition with Hy-Vee and also began selling his lemonade in the Manhattan store along with a couple of Hy-Vee stores in the KC area. Following along as this young man's has grown his business has been awesome to watch.

When I watched his pitch last year at Startup MHK I was very impressed, to have the confidence to do that at any age is impressive, but at his age is beyond! If you would like to find out more information about Tre, his family, or his lemonade, you can find his site here! If you would like to become a wholesaler or book Tre, you can follow the links to his website!

Supporting each other and doing whatever we can, when we can, is truly the responsibility of us all. After all, that is a lot of the reason this blog was started. This is also part of Tre and his family's mission as they have added, "Squeeze Back" an event to give back to the community, and "Squeeze into their Dreams," as a reminder to us all that anything is possible.

Cheers to you all, and go get yourself some Tre's Squeeze lemonade!

P.S. Tre's uncle, Smokin' H Meats, is AWESOME!!! So when he is in town also get yourself some of the best BBQ and make sure to get yourself a bottle of his BBQ Sauce!

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