Date: June 5, 2024
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Top 10 Family-Friendly Activities in Manhattan, KS

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This is a list of the Top 10 Family-Friendly Activities in Manhattan, KS has something for everyone!  If you are an adventure seeker or looking for something for all age groups this list has something for you in Manhattan, KS

View of the dam at Tuttle Creek Lake
Photo Credit: KAN Aerial

Manhattan, Kansas, affectionately known as the "Little Apple," offers a wealth of family-friendly activities that promise fun and adventure for all ages. Whether you're a local or visiting, here are the top 10 family-friendly activities in Manhattan, KS, that you won't want to miss.

1. Sunset Zoo

Sunset Zoo is a must-visit for families. Home to over 200 animals from around the world, the zoo provides an engaging and educational experience. Kids will love the close encounters with wildlife, and the zoo's educational programs make learning fun and interactive.

2. Flint Hills Discovery Center

Dive into the natural beauty and cultural history of the Flint Hills at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. This interactive museum features hands-on exhibits that captivate both kids and adults. From exploring prairie ecosystems to learning about local history, there’s something for everyone.

3. Tuttle Creek State Park

For outdoor enthusiasts, Tuttle Creek State Park offers a perfect escape. The park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities for boating and fishing. It's an excellent spot for families to connect with nature and enjoy various outdoor activities.

4. Kansas State University Gardens

The Kansas State University Gardens are a beautiful retreat featuring themed gardens, including a special children's garden with interactive exhibits. This peaceful setting is ideal for a relaxing family outing where kids can learn about plants and nature.

If you are looking for family-friendly activities, this list of the Top 10 Family-Friendly activities has something for everyone!

A woman looking at a tomato plant in a garden.

5. Wildwood Adventure Park

Thrill-seekers in the family will love Wildwood Adventure Park. With zip lines, ropes courses, and climbing walls, this adventure park offers exciting challenges for all ages. It's a great place for families to bond over exhilarating activities.

6. Bill Snyder Family Stadium Tour

Sports fans should not miss the Bill Snyder Family Stadium tour. Home to the Kansas State University Wildcats, the stadium offers behind-the-scenes tours that include a look at the locker rooms, field, and press box. It's an inspiring experience for budding athletes.

7. City Park

City Park is a local favorite featuring playgrounds, walking trails, and open spaces for picnics and outdoor play. The park is a great spot for a leisurely day with family, offering plenty of activities to keep kids entertained.

8. Manhattan Public Library

The Manhattan Public Library is more than just a place to borrow books. It hosts a variety of family-friendly events, including storytimes, workshops, and educational programs. It's a fantastic place to foster a love of reading and learning in children.

9. Miniature Golf

For a classic family outing, head to one of Manhattan's miniature golf courses. Mini-golf is a fun and engaging activity for all ages, providing a perfect blend of competition and recreation.

10. K-State Insect Zoo

The K-State Insect Zoo offers a unique educational experience. Kids can get up close and personal with a variety of insects, learning about their habitats and behaviors. It's a fascinating way to introduce children to the wonders of the insect world.

Manhattan, KS, is brimming with family-friendly activities that cater to all interests. From exploring the great outdoors at Tuttle Creek State Park to engaging with wildlife at Sunset Zoo, there's something to delight every member of the family. Make the most of your time in the Little Apple by exploring these top 10 family-friendly activities and creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

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