Date: July 28, 2023
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Tiger Station Fish and Chips in Hays, KS

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Tiger Station Fish and Chips is located on Main Street in Hays, KS! Located in the historic Sinclair Gas Station, this place is serving up great food in a fun atmosphere!

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I love to share about the places and faces in my area of the Flint Hills, but I also want to share about the places and faces from my hometown of Hays, KS! When I was home earlier this month I happened to be driving down Main Street and was reminded that I had not been to the Tiger Station Fish and Chip restaurant. Since I was meeting a friend for lunch the next day I decided there was no time like the present to give these fish and chips a try! When I sent her the text, she hadn't been there either so, it was just meant to be!

The restaurant has such a fun atmosphere, and for those not familiar with the area, the restaurant is located in the renovated 1923 Sinclair gas station which is located at 700 Main Street. This location is also on the state register of historic places, and I love how much history they have kept here. As you enter you walk past old renovated gas pumps, oil/gas signs, and the many images that share the history of not just the building and its location, but also the Hays, KS area.

The floor of the old station is covered with pennies, all "heads up" for good luck, and vary from steel pennies, wheat pennies, and more! Two of the pennies, which are placed next to each other have a very special significance to the owners, the two pennies are in honor of their parents, one from both of the years their parents were born.

The restaurant has a mix of both outdoor and indoor seating for patrons to choose from. Since it was July in Kansas, we choose to sit inside, but the restaurant has several picnic tables that are shaded for those who do choose to sit outside.

I ordered the Tiger Station fish basket, which came with steak fries (chips), coleslaw, hush puppies, two sauces, and a drink.

The menu is straightforward, you can choose from Fish, Chicken, or Shrimp and have them either as baskets or Po' Boys! I ordered their fish basket, which came with steak fries (chips), coleslaw, hush puppies, two sauces, and a drink. The two sauces I choose were the homemade tartar sauce and their bang bang sauce! I really liked their tartar sauce, and next time, when I try the shrimp basket I am getting it with the bang bang sauce, it was really good and had a nice kick to it!

There are several a la carte items to choose from, but the basket was perfect for me! Everything is made to order, so it all comes out fresh and piping hot! Both my friend and I enjoyed our meals, I enjoyed it so much that I took two orders home for my parents to try! They have had it a couple of times since then so it is safe to say they liked it as well! LOL

The next time you are traveling past Hays, or like me, looking for a new place to eat in town stop by and get yourself some fish and chips!


Get Social With Little Apple Life!
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