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Things that made chemo easier for me

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There is no way around it, chemo is tough! This list of items helped ease the side effects of my chemo treatments and helped make chemotherapy a little easier.

This heating pad is amazing! It is something I know I will continue to use even after treatment!

Since my sister unfortunately went through cancer before me, I knew some of the items I would need and the few items I did not know about, my sister was on deck to send them my way. Had the situation had been reversed, I know I would have been lost!

I decided to share some of the things that we/I used that helped. If I think of more, I will add them, but putting this together made me realize that I had kind of forgotten many of the items I used during my treatment so this will be much easier to share this link versus try to text or email a list to people.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to help and answer what I can. I am not an expert by any means, but I can tell you if I had a similiar situation and if there was something I found helpful.

Plus, since sharing my diagnosis I have had several people reach out asking if there were any tips or tricks I could share to help their loved ones. I think it is always hard to tell what will work for everyone because we are all different, but these are items I am happy I had and many of them I still use today!

And for disclosures, I think we all know that I am NOT a doctor, and this is not a medical opinion. My only reason for sharing is to try and help people see what options are out there and what I used. I hope this helps others in some way, even if you are someone that is wanting to gift their loved one something.

I remember how hard it was to find things when I was looking for my sister, so I hope this helps those looking for ideas! To possibly make it easier, I have included links to Amazon since I think most of us have an account there.

These items are the items that I felt were helpful during and after treatments to ease the pains of chemotherapy.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Chemo Sweatshirt with zippers for port access. This was a godsend on my infusion days, and I think the nurses appreciated it as well. There are several versions of this sweatshirt and you can also get a t-shirt version. I don't have a ton of v-neck tops so this was easier for me to just have this as my chemo day fit!

A hand is holding a black U-shaped neck pillow, an essential for making chemo sessions easier. The background features a light-colored rug with intricate patterns and a wooden floor.

Taking a neck pillow to chemo was another one of my sister's tips. I always fell asleep during chemo so this was a live-saver which helped me to not wake up with a sore neck!

UTK Heating pad, this is by far the best heating pad I have ever owned. It heats the stones and uses infrared heat which penetrates deeper than traditional electric heating pads. The chill and bone pain that you have during treatment is real, this heating pad is a lifesaver!

A hand holding a tube of Alra Therapy Lotion. The lotion, in a red and white tube, is designed for dry and sensitive skin, helping to hydrate, reduce redness and irritation, and repair the skin barrier. Especially beneficial for chemo patients, the 4 fl. oz (120 ml) formula makes things easier by soothing troubled skin.

Alra is a therapy lotion that is very similar to shea butter, but it did wonders when my hands were dry!

A hand holding a white and red bottle of Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo. The label indicates it relieves sensitive scalps, increases scalp circulation, and revives lifeless hair, making things easier for those undergoing chemo. The bottle is 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) in size.

Alra also makes a mild conditioning shampoo. I looked at several options, even using baby shampoo, but this was the we decided to go with. I am still using it as my hair is growing out.

Two black oven mitts with the text "RELIEF GENIUS" on them are placed on a stovetop. The surface, showing visible circular outlines of electric burners, makes it easier to see where pots and pans should go.

One of the potential side effects of my chemo was nueropathy, so I puchased freezer mitts and also freezer booties below to help prevent that. These were obviousl very cold so I did have very light gloves and socks to help until they thawed a little and I could handle the cold without them.

A pair of black socks with the words "RELIEF GENIUS" printed in white on the top, making things easier for those undergoing chemo. The socks are placed side by side on a dark surface.

Here are the freezer booties I wore, that I hoped helped to prevent the nueropathy that was a potential side effect of my chemo.

A hand holds a bottle of Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil, perfect for those seeking easier self-care tips. The transparent bottle, filled with green oil and featuring a white pump dispenser, contains 9.6 fl. oz. (280 ml) of product. The background is slightly blurred.

My family has used this Osea Undaria Algae Boday Oil for years. It is defeinitely a little bit of a luxury purchase, but I used this every time I got out of the shower or the bath. It really helped keep all my skin hydrated and the smell was amazing. You definitely have to find ways to pamper yourself, and this was one of mine!

Close-up of a person's finger holding a small jar of Osea Undaria Algae Body Butter, offering a touch of comfort. The jar is clear with a silver lid, displaying the product's name and weight (net wt. 0.5 oz. / 14.5 g) on the label.

Another Osea product that I used on days that I wanted something a little extra strength. I was amazing how dehydrated I was and this is a very thick body butter that I used off and on in rotation with the Altra and shea butter.

A small, round jar of ILIA Lip Wrap held by a person's hand, offering an easier solution for lip care. The jar has a white lid and the label reads "ILIA LIP WRAP" in white text. The hand is slightly blurred in the background, focusing on the product.

Since we are talking about hydration, chapped lips were an everyday battle for me. This Ilia lip wrap was truly a life-saver. I used this almost every night and sometime multiple times per day. It is still part of my routine!

A round container of Queasy Drops is pictured. The label advertises that the product is natural, drug-free, and doctor recommended. These drops can make things easier for those undergoing chemo, with flavors such as Green Tea and Lemon, Ginger, Sour Raspberry, Banana, and Cola.

Quesy Drops and Ginger Chews were helpful when my nausea kicked in. This brand tasted the best to me, except the banana, that was NOT my jam. I love the flavor of ginger so I could grab just about any bag of those and they helped. These are a good option if you want more variety.

A hand holding three cosmetic products: a silver tube labeled "RevitaBrow Advanced," a gold tube labeled "GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum," and another gold tube labeled "GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum"—your go-to tips for making beauty routines easier, even during chemo.

GrandeBROW and GrandeLASH, these are another sister saves the day. If you are looking for this locally, I know MerleNorman sells both. I want to mention, that I did lose some of my eyelashes and eyebrows, but these growth products helped to grow and thicken what I had left. The RevitaBrow was something that I used when I ran out of the other, it was developed by a Breast Cancer Survivor and I have been happy with it. My brows do appear thicker to me which is a win when you don't have many.

A black slouchy beanie hat lays flat on a soft textured light gray surface. There is a small tag with the brand name "Kitsch" sewn near the bottom edge of the hat. The fabric appears smooth and slightly wrinkled, making it an ideal, comfortable option for those undergoing chemo.

Satin-lined hats! I slept in my Kitcsh hat every night!!! In an effort to save your hair from pulling and getting tangled, they will recommend sleeping on satin pillowcases. While I did that, I also doubled down as did my sister and our favorite, this Kitch Satin-lined hat!

Frankcinsce and Myah, as my sister said, "if it is good enough for Jesus it is good enough for me." I didn't realize that chemo can cause pain in your feet, especially your heels. This essential oil takes away the pain, I would rub a few drops in and then put on some fuzzy socks, and would feel so much better. There are several options to choose from so I just linked the page!

A hand holding a bottle of JMac Botanicals Organic Castor Oil and a mascara tube with a spoolie brush. The castor oil bottle is labeled as moisturizing for hair, skin, nails, and lashes, making post-chemo care easier. It's cold-pressed, hexane-free, and chemical-free.

Castor Oil! This was another item that my sister saved the day with. She also sent empty bottles so I could you them on my eyelashes. A couple months after chemo was over, I did lose all my bottom lashes, but I only lost about half of my upper eye lashes and brows. I will take that versus losing all of them.

Electric Blanket, even though the infusion center has warm blankets to use, they thought of bothering the nurses just wasn't what I wanted to do. I bought the electric blanket so that I could adjust as I colder/warmer during infusion and be as comfortable as possible.

A hand holds a 3 lb. bag of Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Rosemary & Mint essential oils, made to ease aches and soreness while promoting wellbeing. The blue and white packaging with orange accents features a human figure stretching, making relaxation easier.

Another side effect of my chemo was bone pain so I soaked in several epsom salt baths, sometimes several a day to help ease the pain. I chose a variety of their salts, and I did not notice one better than the other.

A hand holding a round, blue spiky massage ball with a white star in the center. The background is out of focus, showing a piece of dark clothing. Chemo patients may find it easier to manage stress with such helpful tips.

This was a massage ball that also vibrates, it was nice to roll under my feet and hold in my hands when they were sore and tingly. I couldn't find my exact one, but you get the idea!

A person is holding a 16 fl oz (473 ml) bottle of alcohol-free Prevention Mouth Rinse, specially formulated for oncology patients undergoing chemo. The label highlights its soothing mint flavor and protective properties for oral mucosa, providing temporary pain relief and hydration—making their routine easier.

When mouth sores happend, this was the mouth wash I used to help get them to go away as quickly as possible. My doctor said he could prescribe a mouth wash as well, but this is what I chose to use. During chemo it is already tough to eat, adding mouth sores on top of the nausea doesn't help.

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