Date: March 24, 2023
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Thera-Pie in Manhattan, KS

Thera-pie in Manhattan, KS has been serving up delicious homemade pies since 2018! You can find Thera-pie at the Manhattan Farmer's Market, Brother's Coffee, and now, you can now enjoy a slice of pie at their new storefront in Downtown Manhattan, KS!

If you are a fan of pie and you are living in Manhattan, KS then you NEED to try, Thera-pie! Thera-pie started in 2018 when, Tiffany, known as "the pie lady" began making pies as a hobby. She remembered how much she enjoyed baking with her grandmother and how therapeutic it always was, hence the name. That love turned into a hobby, that became a passion, that turned into a business and Thera-pie was born!

I first heard of Thera-pie in 2019, which was when they really started cranking out pies from their converted commercial kitchen in their home. Having my own amazing memories baking pies with my grandma I couldn't resist giving them a try, plus it is pie! Who doesn't need pie in their life? While I don't remember exactly what we ordered, I know we ordered a few, but in all fairness they are small, and everything was really good!

As Thera-pie has grown it has been wonderful to see them expand from the home pie kitchen and booth at Manhattan's Farmers Market to supplying their delicious baked goods at Brother's Coffee Shop and now at their own location on 4th street in Downtown Manhattan!

The new location has several fun options for customers. Looking to meet up for a quick catch-up with friends or need a sweet treat in the afternoon, stop by and grab a slice and enjoy the relaxed setting! Looking for some help with dinner, swing by and grab one of their TV dinners or their Shepherd's Pie. A variety of other options such as scones or hand pies are great to grab and go if you need something super quick.

Giving back to the community has been a huge part of Thera-pie, they also do their part in helping other small businesses when they can and this new location is no different. Located in the new Thera-pie pie shop is Input Salad. Input Salad was created by a student at KSU and she has partnered with Thera-pie to make her dream a reality. This combination is a match made in heaven and talk about balance! Grab a slice of pie and a salad, sounds pretty perfect in my book.

In fact, it is so perfect I have already been by twice! LOL If you know me you know you will find me at Little Apple Pilates and since that is basically right across the street it has been great to run across after a session, grab a slice of pie and a salad, and head to my next appointment. I mean if isn't balance, I don't know what is. LOL

One last pro tip, Thera-pie makes an amazing gift! In fact, they make my list of top gifts in Manhattan, KS! Their holiday pies are awesome and we have found that it has been something that was truly appreciated, especially at such a busy time for many people. It is something homemade to share with family and friends!


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