Date: June 21, 2023
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The Journeyer in Manhattan, KS

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The Journeyer offers three flavors Baklava Classic, Rosette, and Dream Lime Baklava. You can find The Journeyer in Manhattan, KS at the Downtown Manhattan Farmer's Market!

I had been trying to get to The Journeyer's booth at the Downtown Manhattan Farmer's Market for some time. Unfortunately for me, it never worked out or they sold out before I got there, but a couple of weekends ago I had a rare weekend off and noticed a Facebook post on Bird's Creamery in Wamego, KS.

Bird's Creamery had a couple of new ice cream flavors, Baklava Ice Cream and Rosette Baklava Ice Cream and they were using the Baklava from The Journeyer. Even better, The Journeyer was set up out front selling their homemade Baklava. That was all it took and I was off to Wamego and Bird's Creamery!

The Journeyer offered three flavors Baklava Classic, Rosette, and Dream Lime baklava. When I was younger, my sister had a friend whose family regularly made Baklava but it was their family's classic Baklava recipe so I was super excited to try all the flavors that They Journeyer offers.

For those not familiar with Baklava, it is a flaky dessert that is made with Phyllo Dough, honey, butter, and nuts like pistachios, hazelnuts, and/or almonds. As recipes do, additional ingredients can vary but most Baklavas will have a base of these ingredients.

The Dream Lime was the perfect amount of tart and sweet while the flaky Phyllo Dough was light and crispy, it was delicious. The Rosette was aromatic and had a unique and wonderful flavor with the Rose Water. The Journeyer Classic Baklava was perfect, it took me back to that family's kitchen and I remembered watching my sister's friend and her father make Baklava together. Isn't food amazing, how tied it can be to a memory!

The Journeyer offers their Baklava at the Downtown Manhattan Farmer's Market, but if you are looking to place a large order you can contact them on their Facebook page. Follow their Facebook to keep up to date on new flavors along with any upcoming collaborations that they have going on, like the one they did with Bird's Creamery. One of their latest new flavors was called "Blush." I missed out on it but I have my fingers crossed that it comes back in rotation and I can snag a box!

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