Date: March 4, 2021
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The Best Food Trucks in Manhattan, KS

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This beautiful Kansas weather makes this the perfect time to kick off the list of the best food trucks in Manhattan, KS!

Frida's Mexican Food Truck

Some of you might have picked up on the fact that I love food trucks. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I enjoy their assorted menus and also trying a variety of their menu items while visiting with the folks that are cooking it up on the trucks.

As we are hopefully heading into an early Spring, this is the perfect time to kick off the list of the best food trucks in Manhattan! This list covers everything from authentic Mexican to Beirochs and even hot donuts being cooked up for you daily at various food trucks in Manhattan, KS. The weather is perfect so get out there and soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy some great local food!

This list covers everything from authentic Mexican to Beirochs and even hot donuts being cooked up for you daily at various food trucks in Manhattan, KS.

Frida's Mexican Food Truck is a local favorite. Their fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine keeps patrons coming back for more! Located off 3rd street, ordering is super easy through their Facebook page and normally orders are ready by the time you get there. Everything is amazing, but the one thing that you HAVE to make sure and order is a piece of her Chocoflan, it is a must! It is a perfect combination of Flan and Chocolate Cake! Seriously, yum!

Taqueria Los Burritos is located on the corner of Tuttle Creek BLVD and Kimball Avenue. You will often be able to tell when they are opened by the packed parking lot! They have some of the best tacos in town here, NOT KIDDING! While I have not ventured as far on the menu as I would have liked to, every taco on their menu that I have tried is delicious! I promise you can't eat just one!

Tasty Traveler Food Truck spends its time between Manhattan and Wamego. You can find their location by following their Facebook page. The Tasty Traveler Food Truck serves up a variety of dishes from Asian Lettuce Wraps, Fried Pickles, Shrimp Po Boys, and German Bieroch's which is a favorite of mine. Recently they have added Cookie which I fancy myself a coinsurer of so, that is next on my list to order as soon as I get a chance!

Antojitos Mexicanos El Sol is a Mexican Food Truck in Manhattan, KS located right off McCall Rd. Ever since they opened they have been packed! With a wide variety of authentic Mexican dishes like Elote, Tripe, and Chilindrinas O Duritos Preparados. They also have some amazing tacos and Huaraches! Antojitos Mexicanos El Sol also offers a variety of Churros in case you are craving something sweet!

The Varsity Truck opens to serve your late-night cravings. Located in Aggieville and right behind Varsity Donuts, I have said several times that I am so thankful this food truck was not open when I was in college. It would not have been the "Freshman 15" I would have gained. It would have been more like the "Freshman 40!" The Varsity Food Truck serves one of my favorite donuts the Opal, fresh corndogs, and also Mac-N-Cheese Grilled cheese sandwiches!!!

If you are looking for food on the spicier side, this is where you want to go!

Jammin Jamaican Cuisine is a great spot for those who like "jerked" food or just looking for something on the spicier side! The first time I tried the Jammin Jamaican Cuisine Food Truck was at our Coldwell Banker Real Estate Advisors Adopt-A-Dog event. Jammin Jamaican was gracious enough to join in the day's festivities and offer their services at our event. As soon as I had a chance I placed my order! I decided to try their Jerk Pork Burger with Fries! Did it have spice? Oh yeah!! Was it delicious? Oh, 100% YES!!!

Grill to Go is another favorite, their Chicken Shawarma Bowl is one of my go-to's at the Grill to Go! Also serving up Gyros, Pita, Hummus, Baklava, and some amazing Falafel make this truck perfect when you are craving Greek or a Mediterrrian style meal! Follow their Facebook page to see their weekly locations!

Off The Hook, Seafood Truck is one of several trucks that travel nationally with some of amazing fish and chips! Be prepared to wait if you don't get there early, while this truck cranks out the meals as fast as they can, the popularity of the truck definitely draws a crowd! Follow them on Facebook to see when they will be coming to town next!

We also have a couple of local restaurants that attend various events in the area with their food trucks, both Mr. K's and Vista will be some other options you will see from time to time in town.

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