Date: September 17, 2021
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The Best Barbeque Restaurants in Manhattan, KS

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We are fortunate that we have some great Barbeque spots nearby and this list is our favorite spots when we are craving BBQ in and around Manhattan, KS!

Pulled Pork meal at Moe's Original BBQ

In our house, we love BBQ! My whole life my dad has been educating me on what is, good barbeque and what is great barbeque! For those of you that do not know me, to share how much I love to eat BBQ, one of my vacation ideas is to travel along the Ultimate Barbeque Road Trip in Texas! Sandy beaches, islands, and mountains are great, but BBQ is right up there for me!

We are fortunate that we have some great Barbeque spots nearby and this list is our favorite spots when we are craving BBQ in and around Manhattan, KS!

Moe's Original BBQ in St. George. We first ate at Moe's in Denver, Colorado while visiting my sister several years ago. The mix of Alabama White sauce and traditional red sauce is a unique combo not normally found in our area. Everything on the menu is delicious and my order varies, but there are two things that are ALWAYS a must, ribs and banana pudding! Especially, the banana pudding, I savor it so definitely don't miss out on that when you stop by.

Sandwich at Moe's Original BBQ

Smokin Willie's BBQ in Wamego, Ks is an unsuspecting place, in fact, if you are traveling down HWY 99 too fast you might miss it! My introduction to Smokin Willie's BBQ was at one of our local title companies. They rented the Smokin Willie's BBQ Food Truck for a customer appreciation event. Not knowing what to choose, I listened to the advice of a fellow agent and I ordered the BBQ parfait. This parfait is packed with so much BBQ and side goodness, I devoured it! The beans, cheesy potatoes, pulled pork, and more topped with pickles, ugh! I want one as I type this! Their menu is excellent as well with a variety of items such as BBQ Nachos, Smoked Pork Belly, breakfast items, and more!

Cox Brother's BBQ in Manhattan, KS! A staple in the Manhattan community for years. With their variety of sauces from classic BBQ to BBQ with a kick, one of their sauces is sure to please everyone in your group. While they are serving up a great variety of smoked sausages and meats, they are also throwing down on gumbo, bbq tacos, and more. Make sure you follow them, on certain days of the week they cook up a variety of special items like fried chicken and burritos!

While we enjoy grabbing a quick lunch or dinner at all these barbeque places, we are known to purchase meat by the pound as well.

Smokin' H's Meats comes to town every Wednesday and Saturday, you will find them at the Manhattan Farmer's Market! His meats are smoked to perfection and his sides are delicious, especially if you are a fan of deviled eggs. If so, you NEED to order the smoked Deviled Eggs, ugh, they are so good! We enjoyed his brisket, pulled pork, and ribs! It is easy to order, just send him a message to his Facebook page and he will get you all set up, then head down to the Manhattan Farmer's Market, pick up your order, and enjoy!

Ogden's Backyard Barbeque is located right on the main street in Ogden, KS. I had been hearing a lot of good things about a BBQ spot in Ogden and as I have stated, we are all about BBQ so I knew we had to try it! One night I decided to make the quick trip to Ogden while my husband worked late. Don't worry, I brought plenty home! I think I actually ordered the majority of the menu, and let me tell you, the rumors were true. The BBQ at Ogden's Backyard Barbeque is amazing! The ribs were so tender and the pulled pork beyond flavorful, it was all just so stinking good! The sides hit the spot as well, the greens, baked beans, and the sweet potato muffins are OUT OF THE WORLD. The prices are really great as well.

I hope you enjoy my Manhattan Barbeque tour, albeit a much smaller one than what you might find in other places. While we enjoy grabbing a quick lunch or dinner at all these places, we are also known to purchase meat by the pound. It makes serving a crowd much easier, we just make sure to call ahead and order!

If you come across a spot I am missing, feel free to send it my way!

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