Date: June 14, 2023
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Sunny’s Bulgogi House in Ogden, KS

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Sunny's Bulgogi House is a hidden gem located in Ogden, KS that is serving authentic Korean food using only the freshest ingredients! If you enjoy Korean food then you must eat at Sunny's!

Korean food has always been one of my favorites and we are fortunate to have several Korean restaurants in the area. I recently went to Sunny's Bulgogi House in Ogden, KS, and was blown away by her authentic Korean dishes! For those that already know about Sunny's, I know, I can't believe I am just now eating here either! While I am by no means an expert in Korean food, I sure do love all its unique and bold flavors.

For those not familiar with Korean food, it is normally considered to be a very healthy cuisine. It is usually a meat/seafood, vegetables, and rice. The spices are a perfect balance of heat, sweet, and sour! Depending on your heat tolerance, you might want to ask for the sauce on the side or for more of a mild heat when you first order. After all, you can always add heat, but you can not take it away. I do like my food spicy but have to adjust my order, I need to order a mild-medium heat level for most Korean food.

If you are a first-timer or an expert in authentic Korean food, then you NEED to go to Sunny’s Bulgogi House in Ogden, KS. Sunny's husband runs the front of the house and is so kind and helpful. There were a few things on the menu that I was not familiar with and I appreciated his descriptions of the dishes, it gave me a better idea of what I was ordering. He really did a great job explaining everything and helping me decide what we should order because we were ready to try it all!

The first item that we ordered was Korean Style Chicken wings. There are two choices of flavors, sweet or hot, I debated which to order, no surprise, I went with hot. Were they hot, yes, but were they the good kind of heat that keeps you coming back for more, 100%! They were delicious and since everything is made to order, the wings were a great appetizer while we waited on the rest of our order.

Since Bulgogi is one of my favorite things to eat, and several people told me that I had to try Sunny's Bulgogi, I knew I was definitely ordering that! Sunny's Beef Bulgogi had a ton of flavor and the portion size was huge! As is tradition, Sunny's Beef Bulgogi was served with rice and veggies which were bean spouts and fresh steamed broccoli, and a side of Sunny's homemade kimchi! Everything was absolutely perfect! As soon as I tasted it I knew what everyone was talking about, the richness of the beef, the warming spices, and the sourness of the kimchi are everything I am looking for when I am craving Korean food.

My husband ordered Galbi, which is Korean Short Ribs. Much like my Bulgogi, my husband's dish was full of flavor and was a huge portion. I snuck one of his short ribs, you could tell the short ribs were cooked long and slow because they were nice and tender. After he was done he said that it reminded him of when he was in High School and he would eat dinner at a friend's house. His friend's mom is Korean and this is the food she would cook for them when they were kids. That trip down memory lane made those short ribs even more enjoyable!

Since I felt so comfortable there, and I like trying new things, I ordered something that I had never had before, Ohm Rice with chicken. Per the menu, Ohm Rice is fried rice with pork, beef, or chicken, and vegetables, topped with a warm omelet. In my strategic ordering, I felt that this dish had the potential of being perfect for our breakfast the next morning! Even though I was super stuffed from the wings and my Bulgogi, I had to try the Ohm Rice fresh. As you might expect, it was very good, but the omelet on top was what really stuck out to me. It was thin, but incredibly tender, and topped with black sesame seeds. From now on I need sesame seeds on all my eggs!

Sunny's Bulgogi House is a family affair, as I mentioned earlier, her husband is running the front while Sunny and her son prepare the orders in the kitchen. You can tell that they put their heart into every dish, Sunny's husband shared that the meat is hand trimmed every morning, as well as all the vegetables are selected fresh to ensure the authenticity and quality of the food.

I hope you make the trip to Ogden to enjoy some authentic Korean food. We did plan have to plan ahead a little because we went on a Friday night and their hours are 11-6 pm, Tuesday-Saturday but it was totally worth it and I know we will be back soon.

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