Date: August 23, 2023
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Sunflower Spreads in Manhattan, KS

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Highly recommend getting a group of friends together and having an interactive Charcuterie Board workshop with Sunflower Spreads in Manhattan, KS!

We are huge fans of Charcuterie boards in our house, so when I got the opportunity to participate in a Charcuterie board workshop with several friends, I jumped at the chance! Sunflower Spreads is a mom and daughter duo that offers both their Charcuterie boards for purchase and interactive Charcuterie board workshops!

This workshop was a lot of fun and gave us all an excuse to relax and show off our creative sides while making something that we could take home and enjoy! While we were creating, we were also learning about the various components and the process of making a Charcuterie board.

The workshop lasted about an hour and offered us step-by-step instructions, which if you had asked me before I did this, I would have thought I had a better knowledge of the process. We began with the large/round ingredients, then moved to the cheeses and on to Charcuterie, then the fillers, and finished with garnishing.

When I purchase the meats and cheeses to make a Charcuterie board at home, I am constantly buying way too much. Everything for the workshop was pre-portioned so I now have a visual reference for the amount I need going forward when I am making boards at home. This alone was super helpful to me especially. We also learned various tips and tricks for ways to present the items on the board.

It can be tough to find plates and containers for boards when you are making individual boards at home. The ladies of Sunflower Spreads shared the places they purchase everything for both their workshops and their boards, so I really appreciated that! The wood plates they brought are perfect for individual boards and will be something I will buy again to use at our home!

When I make our charcuterie boards at home I do try to put effort into the presentation. I take inspiration from images online, and charcuterie boards I have seen at random events, but sometimes I am just lazy and do what I call the adult Lunchable version. My adult Lunchable option is where I throw random meat, cheese, nuts, and fruits on a plate and call it a Charcuterie board. This workshop was a lot of fun and going forward I know I will enjoy the process more!

I look forward to getting a group of friends together to host another workshop. We all seem to always be looking to "do something different," and I think this is a great option! If you would like to contact Sunflower Spreads about an interactive Charcuterie Board workshop for your next party or to host a group event, you can message them here. If you are interested in purchasing a board for an event, click here!

Get Social With Little Apple Life!

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