Date: December 18, 2023
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Stonehaven Park in Manhattan, KS

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Experience tranquility at Stonehaven Park in Manhattan, KS. Enjoy fishing, a scenic walk, and learn about stormwater management at this beautiful park!

Sunset at Bayer Pond, Stonehaven Park pathway.

Stonehaven Park in Manhattan, KS is quickly becoming my go-to park in town! The park was dedicated on Oct. 14th, 2023, and is located at 3751 Amherst Ave. For those familiar with Manhattan, Kansas, if you find yourself at the roundabout of Amherst and Miller Parkway, you will head South on Amherst, and Bayer Pond and Stonehaven Park will be on your left!

I just made it to the park a few weeks ago and since then, there has not been a week I have missed stopping by for a quick walk around the storywalk path! Stonehaven Park sits on land donated by the Bayer Family and is set to be one of the most beautiful parks in town with a multi-faceted approach to park and recreation in the area.

The two-and-a-half-acre fishing pond is part of the Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP), offered by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. The pond offers two floating docks for visitors to fish off of, with one of the docks being ADA-compliant! While like any park there are rules, there are some additional guidelines to fishing from CFAP ponds and you can find those rules and regulations here.

Serene riverside landscape with clear blue sky.

Visitors have several options for seating at the park and even a few spots with picnic tables to take in the scenery. As you get to the North end of the park you see the park that will offer more of an educational aspect to the park. The Stormwater detention area located at the park's North end will serve as an educational site on stormwater management. This area will also offer various opportunities for many plants, birds, and insect species that will periodically visit the location.

The walkway around the pond is approximately four-tenths of a mile long and, if I do say so myself, a very peaceful and enjoyable walk. As you enter the part you are greeted by the large limestone marking Bayer Pond and then, as you pass along the walkway you see QR codes that are part of the story walk, visitors can scan the codes to learn more about the Bayer Family.

This land for Stonehaven Park was originally purchased by the Bayer Family in 1910! This park is another example of the Bayer Family legacy that is embedded in much of Manhattan, KS. The Bayer Family, their heritage, and their philanthropic endeavors like Bayer Pond and its fountain will be a beautiful family memorial for years to come!


Since the first half of the Kansas City Chiefs game was a little rough, I decided to check out the new park in Manhattan, KS. Bayer Pond at Stonehaven Park was donated by Bayer Construction, blog coming soon to learn more about this old stone quarries history. I can't wait to see this park in the spring, it will be BEAUTIFUL!! #Stonehaven #manhattanks #flinthills #Kansas #fun #mhk #park #outside #walkingtrail #walk #walkyourwonderful #grateful #good #exercise

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