Date: April 26, 2023
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Stacy's Restaurant in Junction City, KS

Stacy's Restaurant in Junction City, KS. Come hungry because the portions are huge and the food is just like grandma would make!

Stacy's Restaurant is a landmark in itself in the Flint Hills. It is hard to believe that for as long as I have been here, it took me years before I made it over to Junction City to eat breakfast at Stacy's! Fortunately for me, I had an early morning appointment in Junction City so I took the opportunity to stop in at Stacy's. My timing was perfect, right after the breakfast rush which was wonderful because at this point I was starving!

Stacy's Restaurant was opened by Mary Sanders over 55 years ago in Junction City, KS. When Stacy's was originally opened it served hot dogs, soft-serve ice cream, and cold drinks. The was a gas station next door which made it a great stop for patrons. Stacy's menu has evolved over the years and is known for its homestyle cooking. The food you find at Stacy's Restaurant you would find at grandma's house!

The atmosphere is casual, and inviting. I loved the black and white floor tiles and the tabletops covered in advertisements. There is something about seeing that, it brings a bit of nostalgia to the diner. At Stacy's, you will find a variety of customers from locals, farmers, military personnel, construction workers, and even the occasional traveler passing through. When I was enjoying my breakfast I heard the roars of laughter coming from the regulars up front and watched a group of soldiers sit down for a meal together before heading back to Fort Riley.

They all come for the same reason, great food, huge portions, and fair prices. I ordered a traditional breakfast with a side of biscuits and gravy, because why not. You might as well go for it if you are going! LOL My over-easy eggs were cooked perfectly and the hashbrowns were super crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, exactly how I like them. The thick-cut bacon was excellent, and I am a bacon snob! I saved the biscuits and gravy for the end, and I am happy I did. Just the right of peppery spice and flavor on a tender biscuit.

Needless to say, I was totally stuffed when I was done. My waitress was so pleasant and attentive, she also suggested that I try Stacy's cinnamon rolls. How could I resist? I definitely took those to go! I will always believe that the people just as much as the food make a place and Stacy's Restaurant in Junction City, KS nails both!

I look forward to my next trip back and the next menu item to try! I love breakfast and having another option is always welcomed. If you are in the area, or looking for a new spot, Stacy's is open six days a week and is located off Exit 299 in Junction City, KS. To keep up with Stacy's, you can follow their Facebook page here!


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