Date: February 22, 2023
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Smokin' Willie's BBQ in Wamego, KS

Smokin' Willie's BBQ in Wamego, KS is serving up some of the best BBQ in the area! Some of our favorites are their pulled pork nachos, ribs, and burnt ends. Oh, and definitely order yourself some of their sides!

If you are a BBQ fan like I am, then you NEED to add Smokin' Willie's BBQ in Wamego, KS to your list of BBQ restaurants! My first time trying Smoking Willie's was several years ago, a local business had the Smokin' Willie's food truck catering their evening event. As I was standing there, debating what to try, a regular recommended I try the parfait. Yep, you read that right, a parfait at a BBQ food truck! Obviously, it was not the parfait that first came to mind so I thought, why not and ordered away! Holy %&^# it was amazing and dare I say the best parfait ever and I am including ice cream or BBQ I have had!!! In fact, I can still remember, my parfait choices, pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, and coleslaw!

After this, I knew I needed to take my husband there, so the next time we were in Wamego, KS I knew exactly where we were heading for food! Smokin' Willie's BBQ is located at the corner of HWY 99 and 4th street. While there is some parking along the South side of the building, it is a little easier to park in the angled parking along the highway. All the seating at Smokin' Willie's BBQ is outside, while most of it is covered, this is Kansas so come prepared if you plan to eat there!

Pulled Pork Nachos at Smokin' Willie's in Wamego, KS

One thing is for sure, no matter the time of year or the weather, this BBQ is totally worth it! Over the years we have ordered I think everything on the menu from Smokin' Willie's and they just get it right every time!!! One of my favorites, well besides the parfait, is their nachos! My nacho protein choice is on constant rotation, but combining two things I love, BBQ and nachos, into one is frankly what dreams are made of! These pulled pork nachos are huge and most likely could be shared by two people, but that is not how it works in our house! LOL

Their ribs are so deliciously moist and tender, I promise, you are hard-pressed to find another better rack of ribs in the area. Our regular order also includes brisket and burnt ends! While Brisket is a notoriously tougher meat when it is smoked to perfection, it simply melts in your mouth and Smokin' Willie's brisket does just that! I know burnt ends are somewhat of a preferred taste, but being able to cook them the right way is a telltale sign of good BBQ if you ask me! If you are a fan of burnt ends, you are going to really enjoy these definitely some of the best I have ever had!

Smokin' Willie's also sells meat by the pound. We have been known to call in our order on our way home from Lawrence/Kansas City and simply pick it up on our way home!

Just to be clear, while BBQ is the star of the show at Smokin' Willie's it is important to know that their side dishes can hold their own and are just as crave-able as their BBQ! My absolute favorite side is the cheesy potatoes. Of course, one might say, how can you go wrong with cheese and potatoes, but these are the perfect balance of creamy, cheesy, potatoey goodness! Potatoey is a word, right? The green beans are well seasoned and the addition of bacon makes them super flavorful. Their baked beans are deeply flavored with a thick sauce just as BBQ's baked beans should be!

If you don't have time to eat at the restaurant, or are looking to cater a party, Smokin Willie's also sells meat by the pound. We have been known to call in our order on our way home from Lawrence/Kansas City and simply pick up our order on our way home! They are so fast, everything is packed well, and the service is top-notch which makes it all the better! Smokin' Willie's is a great choice for catering either with a to-go order, or they also have the Smokin' Willie's food truck! If you keep an eye on their Facebook page, you will see the special of the day and also on the days, they are out in the food truck where they are located!

If you are still reading then you probably know what I am going to say next, go get yourself some Smokin' Willie's BBQ you will be happy you did! Enjoy!

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