Date: August 4, 2023
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She Takes Her Time Mural off of 11th Street in Manhattan, KS

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The "She Takes Her Time" is a mural that was painted in 2021. This mural was brought to life by artist Kate Lynn Lewis in connection with Incite MHK.

I can still remember the day I was driving North on 11th Street in Manhattan, KS. I was coming from Downtown Manhattan, I passed City Park, and as I got closer to Aggieville I noticed a new mural. Now some of you have probably noticed this same mural, but if not, its location is one block South of Moro Street and the mural is on the South side of the building.

That mural is named, "She Takes Her Time" and was painted in 2021. This mural was brought to life by artist Kate Lynn Lewis. "She Takes Her Time" is a beautiful mural, with various pastel tones and pops of color that tie perfectly together. As you take in the beauty of the female you begin to notice her amazing headpiece filled with flowers, feathers, and parrots! It is just such a fun and whimsical design that fits the space more than I could have ever imagined.

How the artist tied in the door at the bottom and the upper left window is just so perfect. Until I went to the muralist webpage, I had never seen the initial renderings or the aerial images of the finished mural. It is really neat to see the stages of the mural and then to see it from the air is really neat, if you would like to view them you can go to the page on her website of this specific mural! This mural was made possible by the Incite MHK group which celebrates art in the community.

To see more of Katie's work and murals, you can go to her website here!

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2 comments on “She Takes Her Time Mural off of 11th Street in Manhattan, KS”

  1. I researched Kate Lewis’s murals and it appears the name of this mural is called “She Takes Her Time Off”. The headline said She Takes Her Time mural off 11th Street in Manhattan, Ks. Because of the headline I thought the mural had been taken off!

    1. Hello, I apologize for my delay. After I read your comment I followed-up with Kate directly to make sure the MHK Chamber and myself both had the name listed correctly. She did confirm with me that the title is, “She Takes Her Time." I appreciate the comment and sorry for confusion with the entire headline.

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