Date: September 26, 2021
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Robby's Famous Cheesecake in Manhattan, KS

Robby's Famous Cheesecake opened Sept 23rd, 2021 here in Manhattan, KS.

If you have been following me on here or my Facebook, then you know we are BIG fans of Robby's Cheesecake! Robby's Famous Cheesecake started in 2016 in Salina, KS. Fortunately, for us, they have been expanding. Just a few months ago Robby opened up Robby's Famous Cheesecake in Junction City, KS and now, they are in Manhattan, KS!

Robby's Famous Cheesecake opened Sept 23rd, 2021 here in Manhattan, KS. They are located in Aggieville in between Globe Indian Cuisine and Rock A Belly Deli!

For those who have not been, you have to go! This cheesecake is so good, light but full of flavor! Speaking of flavor, prepare to choose! They have so many flavors, some are regular, but several flavors change weekly! To see what flavors they have from week to week, follow Robby's Famous Cheesecake on their Facebook Page.

For those who have not been to Robby's Famous Cheesecake in Manhattan, KS you have to go!

Some of my personal favorites are the Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet, Banana Split, and Chris Hemsworth! Honestly, though, the texture of the cheesecake is so amazing, I enjoy all their flavors! For those on the Keto diet, don't worry they have you covered!

Robby's Famous Cheesecake is going to make a perfect addition to any gathering, birthday, or just a special treat! Robby's Famous Cheesecake makes it easy to order ahead on their website! I mean, what more can we ask more, even easier access to our favorite cheesecake!

Robby's Famous Cheesecake is so good, light, but full of flavor!

You can even ship Robby's Famous Cheesecake Nationwide, so if you need to brighten the day for a family or friend, let Robby's Famous Cheesecake help make that happen!

Now, while the cheesecake is amazing, so is the owner and staff at all the locations I have been to. In the short time, I have been amazed about the importance of giving back, and helping in the various communities is a core value at Robby's!

Now, go get some cheesecake!

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