Date: October 22, 2023
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Restaurants in Manhattan, KS

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There are a variety of restaurants in Manhattan, KS, sometimes you just have to know where to look! The restaurants in Manhattan, KS offer guests a variety of cuisines, cocktails, and definitely atmosphere!

Fried Green Tomatoes at Bourbon and Baker

If you are a foodie, then you are going to love Manhattan, KS! With people coming to our area from all over the world it gives us the opportunity to taste flavors from different regions and also traditional family recipes. In years past, we have been more traditional with mostly sit-down restaurants in Manhattan KS, but in the last several years we have seen an increase in pop-up spots and food trucks in the area!

I think when most people think about restaurants in Manhattan, KS they think of the main areas with the highest concentrations like Aggieville and Downtown Manhattan. However, if you know where to go or follow this blog, you will find many places that are tucked in throughout the area.

Aggieville is known for its mix of traditional bar and grill-style restaurants but Aggieville also has some local favorites like Rock-A-Belly Deli, So Long Saloon, and Taco Lucha! In Aggieville, you will also find great sandwich shops, rolled ice cream, crepes, wings, and coming soon the new Manhattan Brewing Company restaurant in Manhattan, KS.

If you know Aggieville then you know they are serving up some late-night eats like the Varsity Donut food truck where the late-night crowd can order menu items like grilled macaroni and cheese sandwiches, hot donuts, bacon balls, and hand-dipped corn dogs! I mean, they are all amazing, from what I have heard! 😉

For those looking for a little different vibe, then Downtown Manhattan, KS might be more what you are looking for. In Downtown Manhattan you will find a variety of restaurants some of the favorites are Bourbon and Baker, Tallgrass Taphouse, Arrow Cocktail Lounge, El Patron, Spark's Burger, and El Patron. All of these restaurants offer amazing service and a great variety in their menus. Plus, one of the fun things about dining in Downtown Manhattan, KS is that almost all of the restaurants offer outdoor seating if you prefer!

The food trucks and restaurants in Manhattan, KS are serving up a variety of foods from around the region and some even from around the world!

My favorite dish!!! Udon Noodles at Tallgrass Taphouse

Now, onto some of my other favorite spots in Manhattan, KS that are not in the main areas! When I am craving Mexican food, these three are definitely on rotation. Frida's Restaurant is always amazing and instantly became one of my favorites since she opened her food truck years ago. Now transitioning to a restaurant she has a larger menu and most amazing items to choose from. Taqueria El Aguila is located in the Eagle's building right outside what I would consider Downtown Manhattan, KS. Taqueria is serving up traditional family recipes that have amazing flavor and are huge portions. Then, just simply a Manhattan, KS staple, La Fiesta! La Fiesta is a favorite for its huge portions, great staff, and massive margaritas! When friends come back that went to school with me here, they always want to go to La Fiesta for one meal, it is tradition.

For Barbeque, we often eat at Moe's BBQ. With two locations, one on HYW 24 and the other inside the Dara's Convenience Store located off of Claflin Rd. by campus. The Campus location is more grab-and-go and doesn't have the full menu, but it still satisfies the BBQ cravings. Cox Brothers has been a staple as well for years, classic award-winning BBQ by the Cox Brothers. Then, last but not least, Smokin H's. Smokin' H's comes to town from Topeka, KS. Locally you can find them on rotation at the Manhattan Farmer's Market and almost weekly at the Manhattan Brewing Company! Check their schedule, make sure to add them to your calendar, and get plenty of their barbeque sauce because it is fantastic!

In a perfect transition, now let's talk a little about the various local pop-ups, that are at places like Manhattan Brewing Company and some of the food trucks. Locals know that Manhattan Brewing Company is serving up amazing beer and cocktails, but they are also bringing in some good eats. Every week, their social media shares the weekly schedule. The weekly schedule shares who will be set up and serving eats like BBQ, seafood from LABCO, The Dog Father, Indian food, and many others in and around the area. Food trucks like The Grill To Go, from time to time have "take-overs," with their most recent one offering a Filipino menu. The moral of this paragraph is that you definitely want to follow these two on social media!

For those craving more spice and flavors of the Caribbean, I would say you have to head out to The Little Grill on Dyer Road. The Little Grill is another staple in Manhattan, KS. Here you can find wood-smoked Jerked Chicken, red beans and rice, Jamaican-style gumbo, Rum Punch, and more. Heads up if you are headed out during the summertime. The Little Grill is located near Tuttle Creek and is a favorite among boaters heading home. They come in off the lake, grab a quick meal listen to some great music, and of course, enjoy some delicious food.

A plate of food with a knife on it.

The Corner Food Trucks is one of Manhattan's newest areas for us food truck foodies. Located at the corner of HWY 24 and Dempsey Road, you will find a variety of food trucks such as Taco Loco, Smoking Crab and Seafood, and Snowstorm. While other trucks will come and go on the corner, you can also find fun events at The Corner Food Trucks that offer live music, vendors, and more happening out there!

As I share on the blog about the new restaurants in Manhattan, KS I have discovered and enjoyed, it is important to me that the site offers a way for people to easily learn and discover them as well. On the site, you can search the tags that sort by areas or cuisine, like Aggiville, or Mexican, and tags like food that help broaden discovery. There is also a restaurant guide that allows you to select the type of food you are looking for and it will populate places in town to try.

This page on the blog is a constantly evolving guide to the restaurants, food trucks, bars & grills, sweet spots, and more in Manhattan, KS, and maybe a few outside.

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