Date: September 9, 2023
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Parlour Doughnuts in Denver, CO

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The layered Doughnuts at Parlour Doughnuts in Denver, CO are absolutely amazing and so unique, a must-try!

When we were in Denver, CO last, my husband decided that we needed to do a doughnut crawl. Thankfully, we were not doing them all in one day, he would pick three doughnut shops that we would eat at each morning while we were there. Thankfully, my sister and her family were down with this. I am not a huge fan of doughnuts so I am not the best person to be in your corner for something like this!

Day one of this adventure wound up exceeding our expectations. We drove to Parlour Doughnuts and as soon as we walked in, we knew this was going to be good, but we didn't know we would be blown away by these doughnuts!

Parlour Doughnuts in Denver, CO is bright and airy while still maintaining a cozy charm, I think it is the simplicity of the space that is so relaxing. As you walk to the counter, you will find a glass case filled with doughnuts to choose from. The staff was super helpful as we were trying to choose. Of course, we had to get a box for the rest of the family to get in on the fun.

The doughnuts at Parlour Doughnuts will curb any of your cravings. It was so hard to choose, because they all looked fantastic, like works of art! After we filled our box, we decided that we needed to sample before we left so, my husband grabbed a coffee, and we headed to the table.

We each selected the doughnuts we wanted to try and cut wedges out of each. Ironically enough, I was the first one to taste and instantly I was in love with THESE doughnuts! By the time it was said and done, I think all my "samples" totaled a couple of doughnuts and it was so worth it. These doughnuts have a unique layered texture and are visually similar to the layers in a croissant they are 1000% delicious, and the entire family agreed!

Parlour Doughnuts is a relatively new doughnut shop, it originally opened in 2019 in Evansville, IN. In the "about me" section on the Parlour Doughnut website, it said that shortly after they opened the community support exploded and I can understand why! Again, I am not a doughnut person, so when I say these doughnuts are delicious, you know they are good!

Parlour Doughnuts is expanding and in addition to the Colorado locations, you can find Parlour Doughnuts across the county. Here is a link to Parlour Doughnuts locations! For us, the nearest location is in Branson, MO. Branson is a fun getaway and you can bet that the next time I am in Branson, MO I am going to have to make a stop at the Parlour location there!

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