Date: October 21, 2022
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Office Space Rage Room in Manhattan, KS

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Office Space is the first "rage room" in Manhattan, KS! If you are needing to release stress, have fun, or hold a one-of-a-kind event, this is the place! Office Space is located on 4th street in Manhattan, KS

Photo credit, Office Space Facebook Page-Follow their Facebook page here!

Manhattan, KS has its first "rage room" located on 4th street in Downtown Manhattan. What is a "rage room?" It is exactly what you might assume, a place where you can smash, break, trash, and release all that stress! So bad day at the office or do you just need to release some energy? If so, head to Office Space Rage Room and release all that stress and energy you have built up. The best part, is you don't have to clean up the mess when you are done!

Office Space has a variety of breakables from small all the way to large items. Depending on the inventory you will find glass cups, vases, bottles, and clocks. Medium size items you can throw are TVs, printers, computers, and glass. While you can throw items to release stress, you will also find all the equipment to smash in other ways. Office Space has all the things you need, baseball bats, bowling balls, mallets, and sledgehammers.

Have some items you want to get rid of? You can donate them to Office Space and will receive a coupon for a smash session at Office Space! Have an ex that you need to smash out of your life? You can bring your own "smashables" and remember, they clean up the mess so smash away all those memories!

There are four rage rooms you can reserve at Office Space in Manhattan, KS, and a variety of packages to choose from depending on how much stress you want to release! You can log on to their website and reserve your room here! Office Space also allows for corporate and/or office events if you want to have a one-of-a-kind experience or large group event!

As you can imagine, safety is HUGE so all smashers need to be over the age of 13 and those ages 13-15 need a parent/legal guardian in the room with them. Smashers ages 15-17 must have their parent/legal guardian sign a waiver, but they do not need to be present. All participants will be required to sign a waiver to participate. Also, don't forget your ID and closed-toe shoes!

If you have a smasher under the age of 8, according to their website there are some options so call with questions.

For additional information, you can find the FAQ session here. If you want to donate items you can find more information about donations on their website!

Get Social With Little Apple Life!
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