Date: January 13, 2022
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Top 10 places to order to-go from in Manhattan, KS

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Sometimes we all just need to chill out, relax and order food to go! Here are my top 10 places to order to-go from in Manhattan, KS.

Sometimes we all just want to enjoy a meal that we didn't cook and that the clean-up consists of throwing away your empty containers! There are many times that we either pick up dinner on our way home or we order delivery. Either way, the most important thing is we are not cooking!

Here are my top 10 places to order to-go from in Manhattan, KS. No matter whether we are grabbing it on our way home or ordering delivery, these are some of our favorite spots in town.

  1. Little Apple Brewing Company- Here you can order ahead and schedule a pick up so when we know we will be heading home we can swing by and grab it! The package everything so well and honestly that is HUGE. No one wants to go home and open their containers to find everything mixed together or spilled in the bag!
  2. The Guilty Biscuit- This one is no surprise if you know me. In fact, this is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in our house. The variety on their menu is great and we can always find something to satisfy our cravings. Plus, I am not sure what magic they use to keep their delicious crinkle fries hot and fresh even in to-go containers, but I am here for it!
  3. AJ's NY Pizzeria- Is there much better than Pizza and movies at home??? AJ's is one of our local favorites, the nod to a New York Pizzeria helps to satisfy my husband until we can get him to NY for a slice of pie. The Bianc is our favorite and we always add an order of their cinnamon knots. They are delicious.
  4. Taco Lucha- IYKYK! An order of Raspberry Black Bean dip and a couple tacos is a perfect meal in my book! My favorite tacos that are on rotatation are the Black N Blue Taco, Peanut Butter Steak Taco, their Fish Taco. They are so good and trust me, I know you might be questioning the Peanut Butter Steak Taco but it is so freaking good!
  5. Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar- Don't want to sit at a Hibatchi, but totally craving it? Order it to go or have it delivered. Umi is one of my favorite spots to grab dinner, especially if you make it spicy. That is almost the perfect meal for me!
  6. Nico's Little Italy- When is pasta NOT a good idea??? The only tough part about making pasta at home is sometimes we don't want the same sauce or style. The perfect solution to that is Nico's Little Italy! Best part, Nico's Little Italy has some of my favorite desserts in town as well!
  7. Bourbon and Baker- I know when most people think of Bourbon and Baker they think of small plates, or Tapas. I promise you, you do not want to sleep on their "Bigger Plates!" We love to order a coulple of our favorite small plates and then their fried chicken wings, they are so good and it works out just perfectly!
  8. So Long Saloon- I think this one is pretty obvious to those of us who live here, but this is just simply some of the best food and who doesn't enjoy a deliciousl cheeseburger every now and then? Throw in an order of their fried pickles and this girl is in heaven!
  9. The Chef Cafe'- While this might surprise you, who says you can't order breakfast/brunch to-go??? On a weekend we have been known to order a few of our favorite things from The Chef and then snack on them throughout the day. It is like our own little breakfast buffet all day long and it is life! I promise, if you have never tried it you are going to want to asap.
  10. Anomaly Pizza- Those who know us will not be surprised in the least that pizza makes it into this list twice! LOL Anomaly is one of our favorties when we are craving really unique flavors and that wood-fired pizza crust. If you have never heard of Anomaly Pizza, they are a pop-up kitchen serving up hot pizzas on Friday nights. Follow them on their Facebook page to keep up with their schedule and get your order in early! Ordering opens on Monday and normally sells out on Weds.!
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