Date: July 21, 2023
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MasonWells Day Spa in Manhattan, KS

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MasonWells Day Spa in Manhattan, KS is open seven days a week and offers a variety of treatments and experiences all done in a peaceful and relaxing setting!

Last week I took a little time out for some much needed self-care at the new day spa in Manhattan, KS, MasonWells Day Spa! My first true day spa experience was on my trip to Ojai, CA, at the Ojai Valley Inn, Spa Ojai. As soon as I walked in the doors at Spa Ojai I wondered how I would ever live without a true spa experience again. Thankfully, MasonWells Day Spa opened its doors and now I can go to the day spa anytime I want!

We all know that we need to take time for self-care, but it's tough, right?! For me personally, there just never seem to be enough hours in the day. Or, I simply forget to call and actually BOOK the appointment when I am thinking about it, but MasonWells Spa has changed that! To book my appointment, I simply went online to the MasonWells website, choose the service and staff that I wanted to perform my treatment, then the system generated a variety of days and times to choose from!

I was blown away at the variety of days and times, I could even have treatments done, even throughout the weekend! With my crazy days, Monday through Friday are tough to schedule anything other than work, but Saturday or Sunday afternoons are normally when I have space for things like this so I was thrilled!

For my first trip, I chose a facial with Jasmine. When I arrived I checked in at the front desk and was offered a variety of flavored waters to choose from. From there I was taken to the locker room to select my locker where I could place my belongings during my treatment, then I changed into my robe and slippers! Now, there are A LOT of things to love about this day spa, but the robes are the robes of my dreams. In fact, they are the same robes I also fell in love with at Spa Ojai! Even better, they also sell these robes in case you need one for at home!

After I changed, Jasmine gave me a quick tour of the spa since it was my first time, then we headed upstairs to the treatment room. The massage table was heated and at the perfect temperature to keep me cozy and warm during my facial. Once I was settled, it was time for my treatment, the "Better Than Botox" facial.

The "Better Than Botox" facial combines Dermaplaning, a gel-based peel, and then a Firming Peptide Mask. This is only my second time having Dermaplaning done, but I love how good it makes my skin feel! Next, it was time for the peel to be applied, prior to putting the peel on Jasmine visited with me about it so that I was fully aware of what it would feel like. Like everything, different people have different skin types that need to be assessed so I appreciated the extra time she took to make sure that I felt 100% comfortable.

For me, this peel was tingly at best and I really liked it. Then came the Firming Peptide Mask! Let me tell you, the "firming" when describing this mask, is an understatement, LOL! Jasmine did give me a heads-up, but again, you just have to feel this firming mask for yourself! It sounds funny to say, but seriously, I could not believe how incredibly firm this mask got! I loved the feeling, and could not wait to see how my skin looked when it was all finished.

After the peptide firming mask was cleared from my face, and the final moisturizer applied, she left me to relax and then, when I was ready, I slipped back into my absolutely delicious and cozy robe and we headed downstairs to see the results! Instantly I could tell my skin was so much brighter and the firmness I felt from the mask was amazing. A couple of days later, as expected, my skin slightly peeled and I could not believe how much more in love with this facial I was! Overall, my skin looks so much brighter and healthier than it did before! I can't wait to have this facial done again, but also to experience more of what the spa has to offer.

The Hydrotherapy option is definitely at the top of my list to do next! I am like many people, I suffer from severe inflammation. I have been reading about the benefits of Saunas and cold-plunging so I was thrilled when Jasmine took me into the Hydrotherapy area. This space is located right off the women's locker room, guests can choose from the infrared sauna or the saltwater hot tub for the hot part, then plunge into the saltwater pool for the cold water! To some, this might not sound appealing, but for someone like me, it sounds like heaven, especially when you learn more about the overall health benefits this particular therapy has.

As you can imagine, I could go on and on about all the treatments and services offered at MasonWells Day Spa, but I really want to encourage you to spend time on their website or call and visit with them about the options at the spa. The goal of MasonWells is to feel like it's an oasis, and I believe they have achieved it. Once you step into the spa you instantly feel relaxed, breathing in their calming custom scent, and taking in all the tranquil decor is when you begin to understand, this place is something very special.

I can't wait to spend the day at the spa with my friends relaxing or enjoying time there when family comes to town. Since they offer services for everyone, we can take the opportunity the spa provides to customize the experience so that everyone enjoys themselves!

Self-care is something we should all strive towards achieving and now self-care is just a short trip across town!

Get Social With Little Apple Life!
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