Date: December 21, 2020
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Manhattan Hill

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The Manhattan Hill letters date back to 1927 when the local Kiwanis Club raised $100 to plant the original Manhattan letters on Bluemont Hill.

Photo courtesy of KAN Aerial

Driving North on Tuttle Creek BLVD in Manhattan, KS you have probably noticed the bright white letters spelling out MANHATTAN on the hillside. Locally known as "Manhattan Hill" this is a favorite spot to escape to. The letters date back to 1927 when the local Kiwanis club raised $100 to plant the letters.

Enjoy the spectacular views from the platform and hillside on Manhattan Hill!

Over the years the local Kiwanis Club has maintained the hill. Twice a year the members whitewash the letters to keep the sign gleaming on the hillside. In 2019, the members of the Kiwanis Club made a massive improve with a new viewing platform. The platform is now ADA accessible and provides a much safer platform for visitors to take in the view.

The new platform made the viewing area much safer for all visitors as well as adding ADA accessibly.

Manhattan Hill also has a hiking trail for those looking for an additional place to explore and several picnic tables for visitors. People enjoy the picnic tables on nice days as a place to take in the scenery and some vitamin D!

For those curious, the Manhattan Hill also overlooks the City of Manhattan, KS water storage station that is right off of Tuttle Creek BLVD. It is not far away from the Bluemont playground for those looking to enjoy a day outside.

Manhattan Hill allows visitor a view of the original footprint of Manhattan, KS, over to the Big Blue River and to KS Hill.

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