I have been wanting to try one of the three pop-up restaurants in town and decided that, today was the day! I ordered It's Just Wings, from the pop-up inside our local Chili's.

Pop-up restaurants have become popular, especially here in Manhattan, Kansas. Currently in town, I know of three pop-ups that are associated with local restaurants. One of the pop-ups is all about hamburgers, another serves homestyle meals, and then one is just wings!


I have been wanting to try all of them, but I have not had a chance until today! Today I tried, It's Just Wings, this is a pop-up wing spot within our local Chili's that located off of Fort Riley BLVD. Now, even though I do enjoy bone-in wings, sometimes I prefer the less messy boneless option and today was one of those days.

I ordered the wings naked so that I could try several of their wing sauces and decide which one I liked best. I hate when you choose a sauce only to taste it and then realize that it is not what you thought and your meal is ruined.

Okay, I know, enough with the how-to and on to the food. I ordered the 11 piece as a meal, the meal comes with fries and a drink. Since this was my first time, I decided to order the wings naked and choose dipping options. I hate when you order wings and don't like the sauce, it completely ruins the meal so this is how I prefer to order from new places.

For the sauces, I choose the Honey Siracha, Ponzu, Truffle Sauce, and Blue Cheese. I mean they are still wings so you need Blue Cheese! They were all EXCELLENT! I would have been completely happy to order just one of these flavors for my whole meal. The Ponzu was a nice balance which completely makes sense. The Honey Siracha was a little more on the spicy side which I am good with. My husband and I have gotten on a kick of Hot Honey wings so I had to try the Honey Siracha. Finally, the Tuffle Sauce definitely had some kick but it was a good heat!

I am a Fried Oreo convert, who knew all they were missing for me was more Chocolate! Their Fried Oreos are served with a side of melted chocolate that is perfect for dipping, or dunking in my case!

If you know anything about me you know that if there is a dessert option it is going to be ordered, so fried Oreos it is. Normally I am not a fan of the Fried Oreos. I have tried them at other restaurants and fairs, but they never have been something I craved, until now. These friends Oreos come dusted in powdered sugar but, they also come with a side of melted chocolate to dip them in. I am a convert, the melted chocolate was what Fried Oreo's had been missing for me. Who knew?!?!

Some of you might be wondering how you order, well there is only one way. You have to either order online through Door Dash or download the Door Dash app and order through there, it is seriously the only way! Don't worry though, it is simple and all my experiences with Door Dash have been great. I had my order in 30 min which was about the same length of time that it would have taken me to get there and back to my house.

UPDATE! So we decided to order again for dinner. Once my husband tried the sauces that I had leftover, he decided he also wanted to try It's Just Wings. This time we ordered both bone-in regular and their smokehouse wings. The sauces were again, the Tuffle Sauce, then a Honey Chipotle, and Cajun Spice Dry Rub. I really wish I had photos, but I am not kidding when I say once these wings crossed into our home we were eating.

I hope that you give them a try and if so let me know which flavors you pick, especially if it is one I haven't tried. The Mango Habanero is on my list, but I am not a HUGE Mango fan so it wasn't one of my first picks!

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