Date: May 1, 2024
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"I know a Place" Mural in Manhattan, KS

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Discover the vibrant community of Manhattan, KS through the mural on the Chamber of Commerce building. This mural pays homage to the town's history, culture, and the 'Little Apple' nickname.

The mural on the Manhattan, KS Chamber of Commerce Building is all about celebrating Manhattan, KS! The mural spans the length of the building's West side and captures the collective identity of Manhattan and its people in its colorful blocks.

Starting on the left, you have the MHK which is not only the airport code, but now is an abbreviation for the community. Below that is "The Little Apple," the town's beloved nickname. Then the Wareham sign, paying homage to the local Wareham Hall and the man who did so much for our town.

You can't think of Manhattan, KS without thinking of Bill Snyder Family Stadium and the Flint Hills under those images are two bicycles. Little Apple Bikes are all over in the spring and summer months! Then, the big man himself, well maybe the other one, the mythical man himself, Johnny Kaw!

The barn quilt in the center, and then the Big Red 1, paying tribute to Fort Riley, KS, and the rowing teams training on Tuttle Creek and the State Motto, "Ad Astra Per Aspera." A depiction of the Varney's building in Aggieville, which is not currently Rally House, and finally the "Welcome" sign that greets those coming into town right before they cross the river on 177.

As the sun sets on another day in Manhattan, the mural on the Chamber of Commerce building continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration and pride for the community. Its vibrant colors and timeless imagery remind us of the rich tapestry of experiences that make Manhattan a place like no other—a place we are proud to call home.

Get Social With Little Apple Life!
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