Date: November 9, 2022
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Hydration IV Lounge in Manhattan, KS

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Hydration IV Lounge in Manhattan, KS provides an option for you to receive IV fluids locally in a relaxed and comfortable setting. You can even customize your IV Fluids by adding extra vitamins and minerals to suit your personal needs.

Until a couple of years ago, I always thought of IV fluids as something that you received in a hospital. I really didn't think about them as an option to live a healthier lifestyle or a pick-me-up when you are feeling rundown. When I received my first treatment I could not believe how much better I felt and then slept the first night! Wow, I could not believe how well I slept! It was like my body was thanking me for giving it what it needed. I was tired, overwhelmed, and just literally running on "E" when a friend recommended I look into getting one.

Needless to say, after my first trip, I am a total believer! I will schedule an appointment when I am getting ready to travel, before the holidays, when I am starting to feel worn out and honestly, I have just joined friends just because! Needless to say, I was thrilled when Hydration IV Lounge opened which gave us another option for IV fluids in Manhattan, KS. The best part, they have SO many more options for services and procedures.

First off, Hydration IV Lounge has several IV options and services to choose from, but for now, we will stick to discussing their IVs. I chose the Foutain of Youth on my first trip to Hydration IV! Per the Hydration IV website, "The Fountain of Youth is great for anti-aging, cellular repair, help rid the body of free radicals, detoxify the liver, improve mood, boost the immune system, increase energy, and brighten your skin appearance."

Scheduling was simple, I called and was able to get in that day! Another option is you can also go online and create an account so that you can book your appointments with them easily online! I arrived at my appointment and was starting my IV bag in 5 minutes! A quick 45 minutes later and I was done and out the door! When you read on their site you will learn that times will vary individually on timeframe but around an hour has always been typical for me.

I am excited to go back to Hydration IV Lounge to try some of their other IV options, and also to learn about some of their other services. Top on my list is Chelation Therapy, and their new machines, Agnes RF and Scarlett SRF! Agnes and Scarlett just arrived so I will have to report back on those later!

As with anything, you should consult with your physician as to what is best for you, but my overall experience was great. Stephanie and her team take phenomenal care of you. The atmosphere is comfortable, the staff was ready to answer any question and were very personable. Even though I knew Stephanie prior to my trip to Hydration IV Lounge, I really enjoyed that their website offered photos and bios on all the staff who work there which allowed me to feel even more familiar when I arrived!

Again, I know some people might think that IV Therapy is only for very specific times, but I have found that it is something I need on a more regular basis. It is not just that I am super busy and don't always eat super healthy, but it is almost impossible for me to get all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs, and IV Therapy has been the best solution for me!

Again, we are all different, and more importantly, our comfort levels are different, so please call Hydration IV Lounge or talk to your doctor to find out what is best for you! I just want to share and remind people that there are so many people out there who are ready to help. We just have to know about them and then be ready to talk to them so we can allow them to help us!

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