Fresh authentic Mexican food located in Manhattan, KS

Tucked into the Stagg Hill area, Hillside Cafe has been a staple in Manhattan, KS for years! Originally, the restaurant began in Junction City, KS, and was known as Leo's Hillside Cafe'. Locals often refer to it now simply as Hillside! Their recipes are authentic and everything is made to order! Hillside is a unique mix of authentic dishes sure to satisfy. The fast and casual dining makes it perfect for lunch or dinner!

Authentic Mexican food.
Leo's Hillside Cafe

Scratch-made and made to order!!

I remember my first trip. Since I had no clue what to order, I decided to follow my girlfriend's lead and got the Number three with refried beans! Over the years my order has changed to suit my mood that day! A staple to EVERY order is their chips and salsa. They are made to order every time and the chips come out warm and ready to be salted to your liking. It is delicious!

The daily specials are always changing and always delicious.

The Picadillo that fills their tacos is a family recipe passed down and is unlike any other. Filled with meat, potatoes, and spices is it full of flavor. When Barbacoa is on the daily special, you definitely don't want to miss out! Their Whitefish tacos are another favorite of mine in the summer to change it up every now and then!

Their Albondigas is everything in the Fall and Winter. The flavorful broth and hearty meatballs is pure comfort food.

One of my favorite meals at Hillside Cafe comes in the Fall and Winter. Their Albondigas soup is the best! The Albondigas flavorful broth, the tender meatballs are both hearty and pure comfort food! For those not familiar, Albondigas is a Mexican Meatball Soup that is served with warm flour tortillas! IT IS AMAZING!!

On my list to try is one of their hamburgers. I understand that you don't think of Hamburgers as Mexican food, but they look delicious and you never know until you try! Their Hamburgers are an additional daily special and many locals have tried them all! If you have tried any of their burgers, please tell me which one to start with. Trust me, I am here for it!!!

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