Date: July 29, 2022

'Heroes Live Here' mural in Clay Center, KS

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"Heroes Live Here" mural in Clay Center, KS is a tribute to the hardworking community members who are the backbone of any town!

Heroes Live Here mural in Clay Center, KS

'Heroes Live Here' is a mural dedicated to so many hardworking members who are the backbone of most communities. Painted in 2021 by Whitney Kerr III, Ryan Estel, Mike Trujilo, and Jeremy Bena this mural is located at 525 Grant in Clay Center, KS, right down from "Old Glory."

A Link to this mural and the interactive map can be found by clicking here!

From the A Mural Movement Experience site, below is the list of items in the mural!

"Featured in this mural are the actual equipment and tools of various departments that serve the area:

Public Utilities – safety helmet and insulated gloves
Educators – red apple and eraser
Fire Department - pitchfork, axe, and protective equipment
Healthcare – stethoscope
Police Department - protective equipment and restraints

In the midst of these objects sets a folded American flag. The key to the City of Clay Center is placed bottom center.

The still-life genre of painting is a classical category that became its’ own artistic style with Dutch artists in the 16th century. It is characterized by depicting inanimate objects without motion. The subject matter of still-life artworks are usually commonplace items such as food, jewelry, flowers, or books."-A Mural Movement Experience

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