Date: March 3, 2023
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Goldfish Mural in Manhattan, KS

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What is known as "mural alley" is located in the alley next to The Chef Cafe, it is also where you will find the Goldfish mural in Manhattan, KS!

Beginning from an End mural in Manhattan, KS

Located in what is becoming known as "mural alley," this larger than life mural is located right around the corner of The Chef Cafe in Manhattan, KS. This mural has some of the most amazing and vibrant colors, they almost make you do a double take, thinking the goldfish is jumping off the brick wall. The mural is titled, "Beginning from an End," and was painted in 2021, by muralist Joseph Renda Jr. from Chicago IL.

This mural depicts the vast changes in the ecosystem of the area. Many grasslands have dwindled as the need for development has grown. Here, in the Flint Hills of Kansas is, The Konza Prairie. The Konza Prairie is still the largest unplowed tallgrass prairie in North America and it is beloved by all who live here. The natural beauty is preserved and maintained by the unyielding efforts of many. This mural reminds us of the fragility of our environment and that it is never too late to make a change. As the goldfish is shedding a tear that waters the sunflower growing on the withered prairie.

This mural was made possible by the Incite MHK and funded by Diehl Committee with support from BHS Construction.

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