Date: March 7, 2024
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Flint Hills Bison Company in Manhattan, KS

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Discovering Nutritious & Sustainable Bison Meat from Flint Hills Bison Company in Manhattan, KS!

A cutting board with a variety of Flint Hills Bison meats on it.

For those following along with my blog, you already know that where my food comes from is very important to me. So, I am sure that it will not surprise any of you when I say that I got super excited after scrolling on Facebook and finding a post from Flint Hills Bison Company. I couldn't wait to learn more about their bison, their ranching practices, and the owners themselves.

For those who are not familiar with bison meat, it is highly nutritious and lean, which makes it incredibly healthy for you. One of the things that I read on their website which stuck out to me is that their bison are grass-fed, and grass-finished! Recently I have been spending a lot of time researching what is the healthiest meat for my family and myself, what keeps coming up is grass-fed, grass-finished, so that has been what I have been gravitating towards.

I started to imagine the bison grazing on our beautiful Flint Hills and began to consider the importance of the prairie in their diets. There is no place like the Flint Hills of Kansas and the biodiversity of the Tallgrass Prairie, so you can bet that I couldn't get my order in fast enough.

Even though I had read quite a bit on their website and their social media, I enjoyed the opportunity I got to visit with the owners of Flint Hills Bison Company, Robbie and Christina Stubbs. Their dedication to both the well-being of their bison herd and the preservation of the prairie truly impressed me. It's evident that their work on the ranch is driven by a genuine passion and a profound sense of responsibility, characteristics of most farmers and ranchers.

Flint Hills Bison Company's website offers valuable insights into the symbiotic relationship between the bison and the Tallgrass Prairie. On it, they share how the presence of bison encourages native grass growth by propagation which in turn encourages the diversification of birds, insects, and other native prairie wildlife on the prairie. They also share their commitment to regenerative farming practices, but what really stuck with me after reading their website and speaking with them is how they chose to honor the bison that make up their herd.

Growing up, my father would take my sister and me hunting and fishing, he told us that if we were going to eat meat we needed to be involved in the process of how the meat gets to the table. He taught us the importance of respecting the animals and being as humane as possible. This lesson, which has stuck with me, would also provide another connection when I read how the bison are harvested with Flint Hills Bison Company.

Flint Hills Bison Company field harvests all their bison themselves. Their bison are not loaded on a trailer and are not taken from the ranch before being harvested. The bison stay on the land they know and with their herd until their last breath. If this doesn't show you how much they honor and respect their bison, I don't know what would.

While I know I have shared a bit more about that ranch and its owners than you might be used to, I promise it's time to talk about the meat! We decided to order a variety and chose a couple of types of steaks, hamburgers, and also ground beef. First off, we cooked the hamburgers, and our package of eight lasted two and a half days in our house with two of us! The bison burgers had so much flavor, we could not get enough of them, especially me! Next up we decided to grill the bison flank steak and again, we found the meat to be incredibly tender and flavorful.

Now, I know that bison is a little more expensive than beef which might shock some, but what I have found every time I have eaten bison is that I don't end up eating as much as I do other meat. It has a richness that seems to satisfy me faster and in turn, I eat less at a time which makes it balance out in my mind. It is definitely something everyone should try!

We look forward to our next order from Flint Hills Bison Company and supporting them in any way we can! If you would like to learn more, order, or follow along with their adventures on the ranch, head to their Facebook or Instagram and give them a follow. They have great videos and pictures of the bison on the ranch that you wouldn't get to see any other way!

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