Date: February 20, 2023
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Farm to Table mural in Clay Center, KS

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The "Farm to Table" mural is painted on Ray's Apple Market in Clay Center, KS!

Farm to table mural in Clay Center, KS

The "Farm to Table" mural was painted in 2021 by Whitney Kerr, Mike Trujillo, Ryan Estel, and Jeremy Bena. The mural is located on the side of Ray's Apple Market building at 722 W. Crawford Street.

Everything about this mural exemplifies life in rural Kansas and the elements that are all too familiar in our part of the country. In the two contrasting images, on the right you have the clear blue Kansas sky cascading over the tall grass, with a picnic of bountiful produce! The windmills and a combine in the background show a common picture of a day in rural Kansas, especially during cutting season! Then the left side of the mural shows a thunderstorm building in the background of a gravel road lined with power poles and fence posts.

It all contributes to the community of Clay Center, Kansas, and much of the midwest!

Ray’s Apple Market.

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