Date: October 8, 2020
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Blueville Nursery

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Originally opened in 1933, Blueville Nursery continues to embrace its motto, "Beautifying your neighborhood, one yard at a time!"

A staple in Manhattan, KS, Blueville Nursery opened in 1933. Over the years, the nursery has grown with our community in ways that have allowed it to better meet the needs of its customers. The nursery is located off Anderson Ave., right past the roundabout to the West of Manhattan. Blueville Nursery sits on 45 acres, with 40 of those acres dedicated to growing nursery plants.

After coming to Manhattan in 1998, I quickly realized Blueville's strong history both within the community and also to the community. Blueville is responsible for a tremendous amount of the landscaping you see throughout the city. They are also very involved with Kansas State University and its Horticulture and Landscape Architecture programs.

Blueville Nursery offers not only plants and landscaping options. They are a full-service store that will meet all their customer's outdoor needs!

As a Horticulture Therapy major at Kansas State University, I can still vividly remember Blueville coming to speak in my various classes and also offering a variety of internships to the students. When you visit the store it would not be uncommon for you to be speaking to a student from K-State that is working their way through school, same with hiring their landscaping crews.

Over the years, especially this one! Blueville has evolved again to support the community. Like many local businesses, they have done online ordering, and curbside pickup and they have always delivered. Delivery normally comes with a fee, but that is typical for most and it can be a major convenience!

Shop fall crops at Blueville Nursery! You can find fresh apples, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers pumpkins, and more!

Being so connected, Blueville has started a small farmer's market in their store. Throughout this summer it has been so convenient to stop by and pick up some fresh produce as we needed it. Yesterday I stopped by to pick up some apples and squash. Although they have several varieties, I grabbed the Missouri Apples and the Honeycrisp, both were delicious. It reminded me of our neighbor's apple orchard and I can't recommend enough grabbing yourself some before they are gone!

The pumpkin patch at Blueville Nursery offers a great place to snap a picture while picking out your pumpkins!

Blueville has set up an adorable little pumpkin patch and photo spot for shoppers coming to the store. If you are still looking for pumpkins, they have some of the most unusual pumpkins for you to choose from. While they continue to carry the traditional orange carving pumpkins that are great for kids. Over the last few years, I have been drawn to their more colorful and gnarly pumpkins. The greens, white, yellow, and mixed I find so eye-catching and in some way, they also embrace the colors of fall. Plus there is way less clean-up than carving pumpkins!

Blueville Nursery is happy to offer advice throughout the year that will help you to achieve your landscaping goals!

While the garden store will slowly be winding down for the winter, they still have many planting options if you are needing to replace or add to your existing landscaping! Planting now is a great time and Blueville can definitely provide you with some wonderful options for both plants and those looking to get their yards ready for winter!

If you have not already, follow their Facebook page to keep informed with their pro tips or if you are looking to improve your knowledge or skills! Blueville also hosts community events throughout the year, in addition to their Facebook, you can find a calendar of events on their website here!

Get Social With Little Apple Life!
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