Date: December 9, 2020
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Christmas Lights in Manhattan, KS

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Manhattan, KS is once again decked out with some of the best Christmas Lights around!

Manhattan, KS has always been a town that loves to celebrate, but this year we have taken it to a new level and I LOVE it! I don't think you can go anywhere in this town without seeing the lights and decorations of some kind. As in tradition, we have the Festival of Lights at Blue Earth Plaza which is always fantastic, but driving through our neighborhoods is truly spectacular! In Northwest Manhattan, you will see the homes lit with all the colors under the rainbow!

Inflatables along with Christmas Lights always take center stage on Browning Ave in Manhattan, KS!

A local tradition is, the "Blue House." The blue house used to be located in Sharingbrook, a neighborhood in West Manhattan, at night you would see cars lined up, just waiting for their turn to drive by just to awe at the glow! When the homeowners decided to move we wondered if they would continue with their tradition at their new home? We also wondered if the people who bought their home on Sharingbrook knew what the town would be expecting from them! Much to our pleasure, they both have! Now we have two homes decked out although, the "Blue House" is now located off Kauffman Drive! It is a must-see while you are out and about.

The infamous "Blue House" is located on Kauffman Drive in Manhattan, KS. Take in the view of all the Christmas Lights at the end of the cul de sac!

Driving through the "State Streets," you will see the strands of bright white Christmas lights strung through the trees which is a long-standing tradition for the neighborhood! For as long as I can remember the neighborhood has done this every year for the entire community to enjoy! Unfortunately, my pictures don't do the lights justice, I hope you will drive and see for yourself!

The "state street" neighborhood strings Christmas lights through the trees in Manhattan, KS!

There are so many neighborhoods that you can drive around and enjoy the lights from here to Wamego, Ks. If you do make it to Wamego you will definitely want to make sure that you go via the Zeandale Road. Might be a little out of the way, but the home is fantastic! Then enjoy your trip back to Wamego on HWY 99 and drive through their City Park. The annual light show there is gorgeous with the pond, windmill, and all the lights above as you drive through the park!

One of the best resources for Christmas lights from Manhattan, KS to Wamego, KS is, Select 2021 Christmas Lights and it will provide addresses and is also powered by Google Maps!

One of the best resources for Christmas lights was created by one of my business partners and MKS Web Design. They created an interactive map of homes located from Manhattan to Wamego so that you have not only the addresses but the mapping software as well to guide you from location to location. You can find the interactive map at Bria's website,, and select 2021 Christmas Lights.

Located in Greystone off of Sharingbrook subdivision.

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Advisors office also got into the fun this year, showing the Christmas Vacation spirit!

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