Date: January 19, 2024
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Car Museum Murals in Manhattan, KS

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These amazing murals are enjoyed by all as they pass by on Seth Childs Road in Manhattan, KS. Painted by Mindy Allen they are perfect for the Midwest Dream Car Collection in Manhattan, KS!

Colorful car murals on museum exterior wall.

I don't always get to things as quickly, or as organized as I originally planned to, and these murals are a perfect example of that! So, without further ado, let's talk about the Midwest Dream Car Collection murals! Located on the east and northeast sides of the building, these fantastic murals are huge and most of them can easily be seen from Seth Childs Rd in Manhattan, KS.

Opened in 2019 by some of Manhattan's best, Ward and Brenda Morgan. The Midwest Dream Car Collection is a stunning showcase of cars ranging from classics to present-day vehicles and a little bit of everything in between!

For their mural, it only seems fitting that part of the mural would depict a mix of vehicles you will find inside the Midwest Dream Car Collection. On the northeast corner of the building, you will find another part of the mural that is of an old service station named, Stan's.

Painted by the one and only Mindy Allen from Mindy's Murals in 2023, this mural is a classic, pun intended! Also, please notice the image below. The murals throughout town are funded in a variety of ways. This mural was a project with the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation and the Deihl Foundation Community Arts Grant.

What to learn more about the Midwest Dream Car Collection? If so, click here!

Retro mural of cars at Stan's Service Station.
Plaque crediting donors for funding community murals.
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