Date: July 15, 2021
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Call Hall Dairy Bar

It won't take long after you move to Manhattan, KS for you to hear about Call Hall ice cream !! Call Hall Dairy Bar is serving up the best ice cream in town!!!

With National Ice Cream Day coming up I thought it was the perfect time to talk about The BEST ICE CREAM in town!! It won't take long after you move to Manhattan for you to hear about Call Hall Ice Cream, it is seriously addictive!! In Manhattan, Call Hall Dairy Bar is an institution! During the summer it is easy to pull up and grab yourself a quick ice cream cone, sandwich or grab some groceries. However, during the school year, it ALL changes at the Call Hall Dairy Bar.

During the school year, you will find the Dairy Bar has a revolving door of faculty, students, locals, and graduates getting their "fix" on Call Hall Ice Cream or grabbing a quick lunch! The milk for the ice cream is brought directly from the Kansas State University Dairy just two miles North of campus! Call Hall produces over 40 flavors of ice cream and sells over 20,000 gallons a year! On a daily basis, you can choose from 16 flavors. My favorite is, Purple Pride because, obviously! However, word is that vanilla is still their most popular flavor!

Call Hall Dairy Bar produces over 40 flavors of ice cream and sells over 20,000 gallons a year! On a daily basis, you can choose from 16 flavors.

While the Dairy Bar is known for its ice cream, they also sell cheese produced from the Dairy milk and various pork, beef, and lamb products produced by the Kansas State University Meat Dept.! They say Call Hall Dairy Bar was "farm to spoon" before "farm to table" was a thing!

Planning a trip to Call Hall and not sure what flavor you are in the mood for? You can check out their menu online! If you are on the KSU campus and find yourself closer to the K-State Student Union than to Weber Hall, stop in at their second location in the Union. Just FYI, they only serve ice cream at the Union location!

Bring yourself, your family, and your friends and grab yourself some of the best ice creams you will EVER have, and take some other goodies home! The below image is what I mean by "goodies," there is nothing better than having a half-gallon of Purple Pride ice cream on hand at all times!!!

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