Date: July 12, 2023
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Bigg E Meats in Hays, KS

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Bigg E Meats in Hays, KS is becoming the go-to spot in town for amazing cuts of meats, great side dishes, fresh bratwurst, and more! If you are in the area, you are going to want to check out all they have to offer!

If you know us, and by us, I mean my entire family, you know that we are all about supporting our local farmers and ranchers in our areas. While I live in Manhattan, KS, I still go back to Hays regularly and love checking out the businesses in town. My first trip to Bigg E Meats was probably over a year ago with my dad and I knew from that first trip I would be back.

Bigg E Meats took over the building that used to be Warren's Meat Market in town and they have done a fabulous job growing their business into what you see today! Bigg E Meats offer a variety of items like chicken, beef, pork, brats, various side dishes, traditional German soups, and much more!

On that first trip, my dad picked up some pork chops to cook that evening, my mom and dad had already tried Bigg E Meats Pork Chops and knew how good they were. That night, we grilled up the chops and they were amazing! Pork Chops are not always my go-to, but these are so good, I could eat them on the regular! We have also had several of their freshly made brats, my favorite is their Tommy Schoenchen brat! If you find yourself enjoying a Hays Larks baseball game, these are the official brat of Larks Park!

Since that first trip, we have enjoyed their amazing steaks, ground beef, roasts, and their bacon! Their beef is from their cattle and the steaks are cut by them in the shop.

One of the items that is considered an essential item on my shopping list is their raw hamburger. Bigg E Meats sells some of the best raw hamburger you will find! For those panicking, the ground beef is "cooked" with a mix of onions, peppers, and spices that are combined with the beef. Raw Hamburger is VERY different both visually and texture-wise from Steak Tartar but delicious all the same. Raw Hamburger is a must at most family gatherings in Hays, especially our many German family gatherings. Bigg E Meats recipe is from a beloved local restaurant, T-Bones, that is unfortunately no longer in business.

You can't forget the German soups when you go. Growing up, one of my favorite soups was Green Bean and Dumplings. My friends and I were blessed to have mostly scratch-made food for our breakfast and lunches in school, and whoever the ladies made Green Bean and Dumpling soup you hoped you had an early lunch because it was always the first to go. Bigg E Meats makes a great version as well that I often grab when it is fall/winter it is truly a perfect comfort food! The dumplings are tender and the creamy broth is a little thicker which somehow makes the soup more hearty and filling.

In addition to the meats, the side dishes offered at Bigg E Meats really help to make your trip one-stop shopping. In the freezer case, you case find dessert options like pie and a cheesecake pie combo which is delicious! Next to the front counter a variety of seasonings to spice up your food and homemade dried pasta, and even bread mixes that are ready for you to grab and go! They even have Kellogg's Zesta Original Saltine Crackers for the raw hamburger, trust us, this is the cracker you want to smear that raw hamburger on!

Bigg E Meats is open six days a week to keep up on their weekly specials, holiday deals, or tailgate packages make sure to follow them on their Facebook page!

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