Date: May 7, 2022
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Best Places to Shop in Manhattan, Ks

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We are so fortunate that we have some amazing places to shop in Manhattan, KS! Here is a list of the Best Places to Shop in Manhattan, KS, and some of my favorite things to buy at each place!

It seems like the days are flying by graduations are upon us and before we know it the holidays will be here! For most, finding gifts is stressful, but we are so fortunate in Manhattan, KS to have some of the best places to shop in the area. I love that I can go to any of these stores and find something perfect for my family, friends, or even for a donation. My list of my favorite and the best places to shop in Manhattan, KS, is below along with some of my favorite items in each store!

The Winged Lion The Winged Lion is a lifestyle store that has a wonderful combination of food, drinks, and home decor! I love all the charcuterie and home decor items that you can pick up there, but my absolute favorite items are in their food section! They have an amazing variety of flavored salts and sugars that are perfect to enhance your savory and sweet dishes. They sell a bottle of balsamic vinegar that is out of this world, but my favorite item at the store is a bottle of Olive Oil. Now, this isn't just any bottle of Olive Oil, it is Bramasole Olive Oil, yes, that Bramasole! For those not familiar, there was a movie that came out years ago, Under the Tuscan Sun and Diane Lane's character buys a villa in Italy named, Bramasole. The movie is based on a true story and they really do harvest the Olive Oil on the property so it really is a special treat!

Fun products at The Winged Lion

G. Thomas Jewelers has a variety of items at a range of price points. Don't let the fact that it is a jewelry store lead you to believe that it is only diamonds and pearls! I mean, they have those, but some of my favorite items in the store are very affordable. An exclusive line called Kinsley Armelle has a variety of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that start at around $30. Another line called, Self Love Stones, is made to enhance the wearer and their intentions. I have given these as gifts so many times and each one has been perfect! If you are shopping for a KSU fan in your life, G. Thomas Jewelers can help you will that as well!

furnish has its own style of home decor and furnishings that reflect their style and are very on-trend. They feature a variety of notepads, leather goods, and the ability to customize pieces for your home. My favorite item at furnish is their Turkish cutting boards, I am obsessed with cutting boards in general, but these are my favorite! I love the worn and weathered look to them and the flour that has been ground into the board from heavy use! If you are shopping for someone who loves to entertain, they offer several books on the subject! furnish is perfect if you are also looking to source up your space with their interior design options!

14-19 Mercantile is perfect when you are looking for those special items to decorate your home for the holidays and just those special times. I have a floral arrangement I bought there years ago and it still looks perfect! I have also enjoyed going to 14-19 Mercantile when I need to make a donation for an event. They make it so easy, all you do is tell them the amount you want to spend and they put together a great basket of goodies!

Gatherings at 3 Thirteen have many fun items with home decor pieces that have a more rustic flair that is constantly rotating with the seasons. You can find something for almost anyone at Gatherings! If you are shopping for a K-Stater or a special Manhattanite, they have so many fun things that would make perfect gifts! A necklace that spells out Manhattan or Wildcats in Morse code. A purple pillow with the word, "Manhappiness" stitched across it. K-State dishcloths, mugs and so very much more for the wildcat fan in your life!

ACME Gift offers customers some of the most unusual gifts that you will most likely not find anywhere else. Gifts from ACME Gift are always sure to bring a smile to someone's face by their uniqueness, they truly provide joy to the receiver. Find a variety of gifts, cards, midwest apparel, and even flowers at the store or online. Some of my favorite purchases are a Kansas necklace and Snoop Dogg's Cookbook!

Eclectic Charm offers several local artisans all under one roof! At Eclectic Charm, you can find items ranging from repurposed furniture, handmade earrings, candles, wall decor, antiques, and more. Eclectic Charm even has parking lot sales that are so much fun and you can find some great deals on pieces that you can take home and repurpose to fit your personal decor and style!

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