Date: October 1, 2021
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Best Places for Dessert in Manhattan, KS

When I am craving something sweet here is my list of the best places for desserts in Manhattan, KS!

I don't know about you, but I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so when I am craving something sweet it needs to be satisfied! For those who also have my sweet addiction, you know it is not a one size fits all. Here are my favorite places to go when I am craving something sweet in Manhattan, KS!

Robby's Famous Cheesecake, because I mean, it's amazing! They have so many flavors they can completely satisfy any craving I have! Their cheesecake is so rich and creamy, some salty and then sweet, they have it ALL!!!

Building the variety cheesecake

Pandora Rolled Ice Cream! Located in Aggieville, Pandora rolled ice cream satisfies my craving when I want something cold but still sweet and creamy! At Pandora Rolled Ice Cream there is also the anticipation while they make your dessert that is all part of the fun!

Frida's Authentic Mexican Food Truck One work, Chocoflan! I am normally not a fan AT ALL of Flan, but this Chocoflan is delicious. It is a perfect balance of moist chocolate cake and rich custard texture of Flan. OMG, seriously it's so good!

Chocoflan from Frida's Food Truck
Chocoflan from Frida's Mexican Food Truck

Mrs. Powell's Bakery! I am not sure everyone considers cinnamon rolls a dessert, but I am equal opportunity for all sweets being acceptable at any time of the day!

The Cannoli and Creme Brulee at Nico's Little Italy! Okay, I LOVE Cannoli! To me, they are a perfect dessert, sweet, crunchy and they include chocolate! The Creme Brulee though is also delicious and I am totally telling you the truth, I have no shame in ordering and eating both!

The Bakery at Bourbon and Baker! My favorite here is the strawberry champagne cookies. These cookies used to only be available a few days a year and I was thrilled when they started selling them basically in packs and year-round! The soft sugar cookies balance perfectly with the strawberry champagne filling, I have gotten my office hooked on them as well. Now I need to go get some! LOL

Strawberry Champagne Sugar cookies at Bourbon and Baker
Strawberry Champagne Cookies at Bourbon and Baker in Downtown Manhattan, KS

AJ's Pizzeria might be the first place you think of when discussing dessert, but their Cinnamon Knots are so warm, gooey, and delicious it is almost impossible for me to eat there and not order them. Four come in an order and if they make it they heat up perfectly in the oven at home!

The Guilty Biscuit and their Dropped Biscuits! These biscuits are so good, and the jam you dip them in, AH-MAZING!! They take their biscuit deep fat fry it and top them with powdered sugar and serve them with a side of fruit jam! I can't believe I don't have a picture of these. Obviously, they disappeared before I could take one. Next time I will snap a picture before I devour them!

Now you can of course find several franchise options like Dairy Queen, Stone Cold Ice Cream, Baskin Robbins, Sonic, and Insomnia Cookies, but these listed above are my favorite sweet spots in town!

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