Date: February 18, 2022
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Best hamburgers in Manhattan, KS

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In case you haven't guessed by now, I am a foodie! A while back I was having a conversation with some people about who served the Best Hamburgers in Manhattan, KS. After that, I knew I was going to put my list together!

In case you haven't guessed it by now, I am a foodie! A while back I was having a conversation with some people about who had the Best Hamburgers in Manhattan, KS. After that, I knew I needed to put my list together! Per my usual, there are several places on this list that you will not expect to serve up what I think are the best hamburgers in Manhattan, KS but that is so much of what this site is about!

I think hamburgers are one of the most perfect foods, there is so much variety to them and a hamburger can honestly be a meal all on its own! Now, I do try to keep it "neat" when I eat, yeah, I am one of those people who don't really like their food to touch, but a hamburger is different. As far as I am concerned a hamburger should be a little sloppy and something that you can't put down! Cut it in half if you need to, but once you pick up half just don't put half down! Now that you know how I roll when it comes to the almightly hamburger and here are my picks for the top hamburgers in Manhattan, KS!

So Long Saloon in Aggieville! So long Saloon has one of the most unusual hamburgers in town with their Peanut Butter Burger! While you might think, NO WAY, I promise it really is pretty darn good! A unique flavor, and similar to an umami experience while eating a hamburger! My favorite hamburger at So Long Saloon is their Crank It Up and Head South burger, I love this hamburger with its Tex-Mex flair!

This was today's special and it was HUGE!
So Long Saloon Daily Special

Anna's Burger Shack off of Tuttle Creek BLVD. is serving up some huge hamburgers! The hamburgers at Anna's Burger Shack are cooked to perfection and they offer a variety of toppings. Anna's Burger Shack is known for its incredibly juicy hamburgers, add some of their beer-battered fries and a shake and you are good to go! Be prepared, seating is outdoors and limited so if you order from Anna's Burger Shack plan ahead!

Anna's Burger Shack Cheeseburger

Vista Drive-In is located off of Tuttle Creek BLVD. and has been in Manhattan, KS since 1964. Their classic drive-in style burger and fries are not only delicious but their hamburgers offer a sense of nostalgia that I love! Every time I go to Vista Drive-In I am instantly transported to my childhood, eating burgers at the cafe when we would visit my grandma. Their hamburgers are classic and perfect every time, as you can see, I add the onion rings to my Vista Burger Combo!

My favorite combo at Vista is the Vista Combo sub Onion Rings

The Hi-Lo in Aggieville is serving up everything from pizza to Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches, but the hamburgers are what I am going for! I know I might have surprised you when I listed a Mexican restaurant as having some of the best hamburgers in town and now I am also suggesting a pizza joint! Again, it might not be your first thought when you are craving a hamburger, but it should be! They have a classic cheeseburger that is everything you want in a burger. Add an order of crinkle-cut fries because you can, order them "hot" and they are topped with Green Tabasco sauce which is my favorite way to order them.

Grabbing a hamburger at The Hi-Lo After the Mayor's Holiday Parade is a tradition!

LABCo the Little Apple Brewing Company has been part of the Manhattan, KS community since 1995. Little Apple Brewing Company was the first restaurant I can remember that was serving pretty much farm-to-table. Locally sourcing their beef with Black Angus and the freshest of ingredients make this spot in town a perfect spot to grab a great burger and beer!

Courtesy of Little Apple Brewing Co. Facebook Page

Kite's a Manhattan tradition! One of the first hamburgers I had coming to Manhattan was, "The Kiter!" Named after the original owner. The Kiter Burger has been in Manhattan, well for what seems like forever! It is one of my favorites and I am super excited for their new kitchen and remodel to be complete. Here is also hoping they bring back the curly fries to serve up alongside the hamburgers again.

Courtesy of Kite's Facebook Page

Rockin K's is serving up another unique spin on the traditional hamburger! Located off of Kimball Ave. near Bill Snyder Family Stadium, the hamburgers at Rockin K's are a great choice when you are craving something completely different. My favorite hamburger at Rockin K's is the Kobe Tostada Burger pictures below. The crunchy tostada shell topped with a Wagyu Beef patty, peppers, onions, bacon, and Beer Cheese is everything! Seriously, it is so good!!

Hamburger at Rockin K's
Rockin' K's Kobe Tostada Burger

JP's Sports Bar and Grill I would venture to guess that not enough people here have heard of JP's let alone been to it. JP's Sports Bar and Grill is located on the KSU campus on the grounds of the Jardine Apartment Complex. There is limited public parking upfront and make sure you remember some pocket change for the meters! JP's Sports Bar and Grill is serving up excellent food and providing real industry experience to the Kansas State University Students working there. JP's Sports Bar and Grill have some delicious burgers and sweet potato fries! If you are curious you can learn more about JP's here.

Courtesy of JP's Sports Bar and Grill Facebook Page

RC McGraws is located in the Blue Hills Shopping Center. The McGraws Classic is a half-pound of cheeseburger indulgence, and to no surprise, I opted for their onion rings as my side! Both were excellent as usual and portions over the top! I know some people might think of MCGRAW's as more of a local bar and not a bar and grill, that couldn't be farther from the truth! It is worth stopping by!

Classic Cheeseburger from RC MCGRAWS

Hillside Mexican restaurant might not be the first place you think of when you are craving a hamburger, but that is what this blog is all about! The hamburgers at Hillside Mexican restaurants almost have a cult following! Patrons will come just to try their special burger of the week. Add an order of the chips and salsa and you have a perfect meal if you ask me!

Courtesy of Hillside Facebook Page
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