Date: September 29, 2021
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Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan, KS

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It is National Coffee Day & I decided that we needed a list of the best coffee shops in Manhattan, KS.

While I might not be a coffee drinker myself, I am married to one! I also have several friends who cannot start their day without their cup of Joe! So I decided that we needed a list of the best coffee shops in Manhattan, KS. For those of you like me, and coffee isn't your thing, trust me they also have amazing Matcha's, Chai's, smoothies, and more at almost ALL of these coffee shops!

Paramour Coffee has a location in Manhattan, KS, and Wamego, KS in case you ever find yourself that way. Paramour has a variety of drinks and has been roasting its own beans for over 25 years! My favorite here is their Banana Chai, yeah, yeah, I know it's not coffee, but even coffee drinkers will think it is amazing! They also have some delicious pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and Souffle's! Their Souffle's, that is a whole other blog post that someday I will get to!

Radina's probably has the most locations in town for those craving their special blends! The Radina family has been serving up some of Manhattan, KS's favorite coffee since 2001! They have expanded into various locations through the community and also Kansas State University Campus! One of my husbands favorite here is the Grasshopper. Radina's also offers pastries made by pastry chefs, fresh bread from local artisans, and hand-made chocolates to really satisfy your sweet tooth!

Radina's Coffee is roasted in house

Bluestem Bistro has been a mainstay in Aggieville since before 1994, the original coffee shop was called Java when my sister was in school here. Another local favorite and great spot to enjoy time in Aggieville with family or friends. I can remember spending countless hours here in college. I might not be the first in line for coffee, but I can appreciate the atmosphere in coffee shops! Bluestem Bistro has a variety of coffee options both hot and cold brew! They also serve up some of my favorite breakfast burritos in town in case you are wanting to grab a meal as well!

These coffee shops aren't be best because they only have coffee! They also have amazing Matcha's, Chai's, smoothies, and more at almost ALL of these Coffee shops in Manhattan, KS!

Photo courtesy of Bluestem Bistro Facebook page.

Public Hall is located in Aggieville as well and they really like to make things easy. Public Hall is the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy time on their huge patio! They don't have a huge menu, but everything they make is amazing! We can't mention Public Hall and not mention that they are serving up breakfast all day, which includes some of the town's favorite breakfast burritos!

Public Hall

Brother's Coffee is located off Anderson Ave and has been serving up a variety of espresso's, blended drinks, and specialty coffees for the community! They now offer Brothers Coffee Truck, you can follow them on Facebook to see where the truck will be located throughout the week! As they have grown and expanded they have added a variety of food items to their menu as well. One of the local favorites is TherePie, so if you are looking for a spot of coffee and pie, this is your place! Fair warning, the pie is amazing!

Last but not least, Arrow Coffee, is located right across from Throckmorton Hall on Kansas State University Campus. Arrow Coffee serves up Archetype Coffee from Omaha, NE. They brew and create their menus with careful thought for not only the ingredients but the process! Arrow Coffee also has a pretty great menu that includes various pastries, made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and more!

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