Date: April 21, 2023
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Backyard Boxes

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If you are looking for raised bed garden boxes, Backyard Boxes in Denver, CO is amazing both in their quality and in their design. They ship quickly and are easily put together.

Our backyard adventures continue, and next up we needed to decide on our raised bed boxes. When we started looking at raised beds the options seemed absolutely endless, both in design style and materials. We quickly decided that we wanted to go with something that was natural and that would last for a long time. Since we decided on natural, it is probably obvious that wood was it. Now, trust me there are still a million choices and it is somewhat overwhelming.

Then I remembered how much I liked my sister's raised bed boxes, they look so sharp! I mean, aesthetics is important even in raised bed gardening, right?? LOL When I asked my sister the company name I was almost sure that I was going to have to go to Denver to get the boxes if I wanted them that bad, but I was in luck, THEY SHIP!

The company we decided to purchase our boxes from is Backyard Boxes from Denver, CO. The were several reasons we decided to go with them, and here are a few. These boxes are designed by an engineer so they are incredibly sturdy and are designed to be easy to put together. Next, they have a ledge on the top, and since they are designed so well, you can easily sit on the ledge while you garden if you so choose or if you need that type of access in your raised beds. Last but not least, the materials they use, these boxes are made of natural cedar and stained (if you choose) with a natural stain that is safe to use when you are growing vegetables.

Their website is super easy to navigate and the shipping was very reasonable. Since I decided to have Backyard Boxes stain the boxes for us, it did add a few days, but you could always do that part yourself and save time. From the time the date of order until the date of delivery, it was about two weeks. We purchased four boxes and they came on one pallet, packed to perfection!

The boxes were easily unpacked and even though we were missing the directions we were able to contact the company for a digital copy. The boxes are super easy to put together, so we didn't totally need the directions, but when you buy larger boxes there is a support bar that needs to be added. Since it is obviously important, we wanted to make sure that we align it how it needed to be.

Assembly was super easy, once we grabbed a bit for the bolts from Home Depot, I think we put the last three boxes together in 45 min! I am honestly already thinking about ordering a couple more, but for now, these will definitely get us started.

Next up will be filling them up and then getting our plants planted in the raised beds and hoping for the best!

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