Date: June 2, 2023
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Automated Sprinkler for Lawn and Garden

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Oto is an automated watering system perfect for those looking to water specific areas and who also value water conservation and optimization!

When we were researching for our raised bed garden area, we knew we would also need to come up with a plan for watering the beds. Initially, we thought that we would run water to each bed and then run either a soaker hose or low spray sprinkler system to each bed. After looking at how much tubing we would need, factoring in the time and effort to set it all up, I knew that there HAD to be a better option.

So, I did what any logical person does these days, I went to Google! I started Googling so many different phrases related to watering raised bed gardens trying to get an idea of what other people had done in their gardens. Much to my dismay, most people did a version of our original plan and that just wasn't going to work for me. We are super busy and although we are excited about our garden, we need help getting everything done, so "ease" is important.

When I was trying to decide how I would water my raised beds I wanted something that was easy to set up, simple to use, did not waste water, and was cost-effective! Oto checked all my boxes!

Then, thanks to the algorithm, I found myself being influenced by my own social media. In short, I found Oto the world's first automated sprinkler system! After reviewing the Oto website and watching videos, I thought there was no way this could be possible. This product was potentially going to be the solution to my problems.

Oto is a portable lawn sprinkler that can be programmed to run a specific times and in specified zones. It also factors in the weather for your area, rain is one thing, but we live in Kansas so wind is a problem. Oto factors in local wind speed, I have mine set so that when the wind is blowing over 25 mph Oto will not water. This helps save water since at that point the wind would disperse water everywhere except where I want it to go.

Water conservation is super important and growing up in an area with water restrictions, I am hyper-aware of this important resource. Oto allows you to set watering boundaries so specific in an effort to help mitigate wasting water. Our Oto waters each bed and nothing in between! The water we use is the water we need, nothing more, nothing less.

Oto draws its power from solar energy which works well for us, but if you are using it in a shaded area there is a plug-in adaptor. Set up of Oto was super simple, charge it for 24 hours prior to setting it up outside, download the app, connect to Wi-Fi and you are good to connect it to your garden hose and program your "zones."

Oto is also incredibly affordable. When I looked at what we were originally planning it was going to be about two times as much as Oto, plus the time it would have taken us would have been more costly than the 20 min. it took to set up Oto!

I did get the three solutions to add to our Oto, the "Lawn Food" which we will use to water our raised beds. The "Odor Eliminator" because we have dogs and want to do everything we can to keep them out of the area. Then last but not least, "Stop the Bites," This is a weekly solution to help ticks and mosquitos. All the Oto solutions are natural and safe to use plus, like the Oto itself, these are set-it and forget it. Oto will disperse solutions on schedule so you do not have to remember when you did it last.

After having Oto for a few months now, I can say we are impressed! Heck, even our lawn crew is impressed! After sharing with so many people how much we like this option I decide to share here as well. I know many people who want to garden, but time is a factor for us all so when we can find options to help with that, it helps us all!

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