Date: December 5, 2022
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Arrow Cocktail Lounge in Manhattan, KS

Then when I heard that Arrow Cocktail Lounge would be opening its full cocktail lounge in the old Harry's and a Bodega in the adjacent Howdy's, I was beyond excited! Arrow Cocktail Lounge is a great addition to Downtown Manhattan, KS!

My first trip to Arrow Cocktail Lounge was in 2017, at the time they were located behind Arrow Coffee off Dension Ave. in Manhattan, KS. A civic group I was involved with was having a meeting there. I was excited to have a good excuse to try a new place because I am not a regular at cocktail lounges because let me be real, I am basic! I love a good mixed drink but never really know what to order when it comes to craft cocktails because I am a Malibu and diet, seltzer, or beer girl!

When I went to the bar at Arrow Cocktail Lounge and was handed a menu I instantly knew that I had no clue what to order. Almost instantly my fears were relieved when I started talking to the bartender. I shared with him my basicness, my usual go-to drinks, and my favorite flavors, and he knew exactly what to make for me. It is so much fun to allow people to show their skills and passion as they create for you! While I can't remember what my drink was the first time I was there years ago, what I can tell you is that it was amazing!

Like most of us, when I heard about the closing of Harry's in Downtown Manhattan, KS I was devasted. Such an amazing place so rich with history that would no longer be enjoyed. Then when I heard that Arrow would be opening their full cocktail lounge in Harry's and a Bodega in the adjacent Howdy's, I was beyond excited! I could not imagine a more perfect use of both spaces!

Life has been super busy, but I finally made it down to the new Arrow Cocktail Lounge after the Festival of Lights tree lighting this past weekend. When my girlfriend suggested it I was thrilled when I realized we would make it just in time to enjoy a drink and some food before they closed! It was 9:15 and they close at 10 pm, so literally, we were just in time!

I opened the drink menu and knew instantly what I was ordering, the Lavender Old Fashioned. After my previous trips to Arrow Cocktail Lounge, I learned that I like the classic drink, Old Fashioned. No surprise, it was perfect! The subtle lavender simple syrup, with the effervescent from the lemon rind and mix in the bitters and gin to form an exceptional drink!

We were also starving so we ordered some of their small plates, we chose the Goat Cheese Dip and Shallot Dip, both were fantastic! The Goat Cheese Dip is served topped with Toasted Pepitas and drizzled in Siracha Honey, the blend of the creamy whipped Chevre and the spicy Siracha was so good! Since I am a huge fan of French Onion Dip, the Shallot Dip was right up my alley and I think I could have eaten my weight in it! The creamy dip and salty potato chips are a match made in heaven!

I can't wait to go back and enjoy more drinks and eats at the Arrow Cocktail Lounge, for those who have not been I 100% recommend it. They also have a variety of events you can enjoy and follow on their website. As I have already mentioned, the building provides an unmatched ambiance in the area, and partner that with amazing drinks and great food and you are in for an exceptional experience!


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