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Aggieville in Manhattan, KS

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Aggieville in Manhattan, KS is a place that is truly one of a kind. The unique blend of its historical buildings, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment, is only found in Manhattan, KS!

When enjoying Aggieville, make sure you stop in at ACME GIFT

In the heart of Manhattan, Kansas, Aggieville is a constant hub of activity! Aggieville is a beloved landmark for locals and visitors alike. With its rich history, diverse culinary scene, unique shopping experiences, and lively nightlife, Aggieville offers something for everyone. Whether you're a first-time visitor, a long-time resident, or a Kansas State University Alum, this historic district promises an unforgettable experience.

A Brief History of Aggieville

Aggieville was established in 1889, it began as a small cluster of shops catering to Kansas State Agricultural College students. Over the decades, it has grown into a 6-square-block district and has done its best to retain its historic charm while evolving to meet contemporary tastes. The district’s name pays homage to our agricultural roots here in Manhattan, KS. Kansas State University originally began in 1863 as a public land-grant research university.

Culinary Delights in Aggieville

Aggieville is a culinary treasure trove. Food enthusiasts will find an array of dining options. Start your day and satisfy your sweet tooth at Varsity Donuts. Varisty Donuts is famous for its delicious and creative donut varieties. When K-State Football plays at home, you will find K-Staters lined up out the door and down the sidewalk waiting to grab a box for their tailgates.

Varsity Donuts

For lunch, indulge in a classic American burger at So Long Saloon. My favorite is the, "Crank It Up and Head South!" Or maybe you are interested in a Mexican restaurant with a twist? If so, stop in at Taco Lucha, their entire menu is amazing, just make sure you try a Nancy and get yourself some Chipotle Raspberry Black Bean Dip!

After the sun sets and you are deciding on dinner in Aggieville, I suggest enjoying Italian food or a phenomenal steak at Nico's Little Italy or stopping by the Aggieville Drafthouse for some classics in Aggieville!

Unique Shopping Experiences

Shopping in Aggieville is an adventure in itself. The district boasts an eclectic mix of boutiques, specialty stores, and local shops. Explore Acme Gift! Anytime I need a gift, Acme Gift is one of my go-to's in town. The variety and uniqueness of items allow me to always find something that I did not know that I was looking for. They also have a small, but amazing floral area, perfect for those "just because" moments.

Whenever I go to a town I am always looking for a souvenir, ACME LOCAL or Threads will be where you want to shop for those! From a classic t-shirt to coffee, mugs, stickers, and key chains you will find the perfect item to commemorate your trip, or the perfect t-shirt to let them know that someone in Kansas loves them!

For book lovers or coffee drinkers, The Dusty Bookshelf is a must-visit in Aggieville. Housed in an historic building The Dusty Bookshelf is a beloved Aggieville landmark. It offers a cozy atmosphere and a vast selection of new and used books. Whether searching for the latest bestseller or a rare vintage find, The Dusty Bookshelf has something for everyone.

Lively Nightlife

As day turns to night, Aggieville’s vibrant nightlife comes alive. The district is home to numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, making it the perfect place to unwind and have fun. Enjoy a laid-back evening at Auntie Mae's Parlor, a beloved speakeasy-style bar with a cozy ambiance and a wide selection of craft beers.

For those seeking a more energetic atmosphere, Johnny Kaw's offers live music, dancing, and a lively crowd. Sports enthusiasts can throw axes at Axe to Grind, or catch a game and enjoy a pint at Porter’s Bar & Grill, a local favorite known for its friendly vibe and great food.

If live music is your thing, you will want to check out The HAT! They are bringing in some great artists to Aggieville year after year!

Annual Events and Festivals

Aggieville hosts a variety of annual events and festivals that draw crowds from near and far. The Optimist Chili Crawl, held every fall, is a favorite among foodies, featuring delicious chili samples from local restaurants. In the spring, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and many other celebrations turn Aggieville into a sea of green, with festivities that include live music, parades, and plenty of merriment.

Embrace the Spirit of Aggieville

Aggieville is more than just a district; it's a community that embraces our community's rich history while we are also continually evolving. Its unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities which make it a must-visit destination in Manhattan, Kansas. So, next time you find yourself in The Little Apple, visit Aggieville and immerse yourself in its vibrant atmosphere! Enjoy the architecture, snap a picture in front of a mural, and discover why this historic district holds a special place in the hearts of so many.

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