Date: February 2, 2024
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Aggieville Brewing Company in Manhattan, KS

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Explore Aggieville Brewing Company in Manhattan, KS for top-notch craft beers and scrumptious food. ABC is becoming a local favorite and a must-visit on game day!

A sign on a coaster with a glass of beer.

If you are a fan of craft beer and great food then you need to find your way to Aggieville Brewing Company in Manhattan, KS! When I heard last year we were getting a new brewery in town I was excited. We are a town that loves places like this! After I heard they would be serving food and that they were also opening up a second location in Aggieville, I was even more pumped! Aggieville Brewing Company is locally owned by Ryan and Amber Emley and is located right off Bill Snyder Highway on Pillsbury Drive.

Aggieville Brewing Company opened its doors in January 2024 at their location Pillsbury Drive location and I am sure it will be both a local and also a gameday favorite for cat fans. Aggieville Brewing Company offers 18 craft beers along with a variety of cocktails and mocktails on their drink menu.

When we stopped by a couple of weekends ago they did not disappoint! We did not research the food menu before we went but we were pleasantly surprised to see BBQ, pasta, burgers, soups, and more on the menu. The toughest part was deciding what to order because everything sounded so good.

Of course, we had to start with the beer and ordered a flight to try a variety of their offerings. We decided on Abbyville, Double Whammy, Bandit, and the Winter Bock. The sour beer, Double Whammy is a tart raspberry and was super sour but it was our favorite. We are huge fans of sour beers so this one appealed to us. My husband, who spent time in Germany, said that the Winter Bock reminded him of German beers but was another one he really liked.

When it came time to order food, we knew we had to try the BBQ so we ordered a full slab of the Aggie Ribs with extra sides, the Brewer's Burger, and our appetizer was Slammin' Salmon Dip. The Slammin' Salmon Dip came with Fry Bread and was delicious. The salmon dip was very flavorful, with not too much smoke, and having the Fry Bread was a nice change from the normal. The Brewer's Burger was stuffed with cheese and was cooked well, it was one of the better burgers I have had in a while and I would order it again.

A tray of ribs and cornbread on a table at Aggieville Brewing Company in Manhattan, KS.

The Aggie Ribs were amazing and probably some of the best ribs you will find in town. These ribs were fall off the bone tender and smoked to perfection! Both my husband and I were impressed and frankly, I am not sure if we can ever go to Aggieville Brewing Company and not order the ribs! When you order the Aggie Ribs your meal comes with jalapeno cornbread, spicy honey, your choice of BBQ sauce, and two sides. Since we couldn't decide on two sides, we ordered an extra. Our favorite sides were the potato salad and baked beans.

The Aggieville Brewing Company Pillsbury location is open Tuesday through Sunday. To keep up on events at the brewery, or the Aggieville location, you can follow along on their Facebook, Instagram, or website. I can't wait to go back, especially in the Spring after their patio area is done to enjoy some beautiful weather, great beer, and delicious food.

Pro-tip, if you are looking for help with your Superbowl party this year, ABC can also help with that, they are smoking Briskets for the big day just go online and order. I am hoping to order some racks of ribs for the big game and make this year even easier for myself because BBQ, beer, and football just go hand in hand.

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