Murals of Manhattan

Manhattan, KS has some amazing new murals popping up all over town. They are great backdrops for photos with family and friends!

Walking in downtown Manhattan sure is more colorful these days thanks to local artists and the efforts of those at Incite MHK! Some of the murals you can enjoy are commissioned by local businesses and others are funded by grants and donations through Incite MHK. Incite MHK works to bring art to the public areas of Manhattan. Their current three projects are featured below as well as additional murals throughout the community!

The O.G. is the mural of Notorious RBG! The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mural was originally painted shortly after her passing and was painted by a local artist and an owner of ACME Local, Taylor Carr. This Mural was a collaboration with Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice and Incite MHK to commemorate such an amazing woman and is all about bringing people together much like all those who volunteered to make this mural come to life in a weekend!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mural in Manhattan, KS

One of the most recent Murals completed is the Kitty Castle, I mean, of course, Willie needs a playhouse. This is also located across the street from The Chef Cafe’ and was made possible by a donation from the Ward and Brenda Morgan Community Fund. This mural was completed by an LA based artist, Sick Fisher.

The third and final Mural located across from The Chef Cafe and commissioned by Incite MHK is SUP! SUP was completed in April 2021 by KCMO based muralist JT Daniels. Again, the Ward and Brenda Morgan Community Fund stepped in to make this mural possible as well.

After you have taken in the Mural art across from The Chef, head down Poyntz to Brown’s Shoe Fit and AJ’s Pizzeria. On the East facing wall overlooking the AJ’s Pizzeria patio is the massive mural! “Anotações” was completed in 2019, this piece is one that by sheer size leaves you in awe! This mural was the kick-off event for Incite MHK. It was made possible through a from the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation’s Deihl Community Grants Program. The duo that painted this mural hail from Brazil, Bicicleta Sem Freio.

Some of the murals in Manhattan, KS are commissioned by local businesses and others are funded by grants and donations through Incite MHK. Incite MHK works to bring art to the public areas of Manhattan.

Now, on to the ‘ville! Aggieville has also gotten in on the fun with murals along a couple of their buildings as well. First stop in Aggieville, the sidewalk between Jimmy Johns and O’Malley’s Alley. The bright green wall is painted with the phrase “I love you little apple.” It has become a hotspot for those spending time in Aggieville for a quick photo op. No surprise, this mural lends itself to the feeling of those living here and of course the city’s nickname, The Little Apple®.

Next up is everyone’s favorite Aggieville hotspot, Taco Lucha. The mural represents the restaurant in so many ways, but most of all with the wrestlers in their Luchador masks. My favorite part though is the championship belt! This mural was completed in 2020 by a local artist, Phyllis Pease. Head down to the entrance and see the mural as you round the corner on Moro and 11th street.

One of the newest murals that I have found is behind Orange Sky Yoga and Public Hall. It is quickly becoming another great photo op for those spending time in Aggieville. The cheery colors are perfect to brigthen up your day and remember, “Smile! You’re in Manhattan!”

The final mural in Aggieville is located on the side of Little Apple Art Supply on N 11 street features a mural by Enrico Isamu Oyama. While the Little Apple Art Supply is no longer, Enrico’s mural is a lasting legecy.  

Heading out of Aggieville and past the City Park, hang a right on Poyntz and take yourself straight to the Manhattan Arts Center! Located on the side of their building is a cheery mural of Sunflowers and Welcome to Manhattan! I wonder what get’s said more in this town, “Welcome to Manhattan” or “Welcome to K-State?”

Last but not least, over the river and through the woods to the one and only, Manhattan Running Company! Just kidding, for those not familiar just hop on Seth Childs, to Anderson, and then on Garden Way. The mural is on the Westside of the Manhattan Running Company building. It depicts two runners on the yellow brick road, heading towards the city with the sun/apple on the horizon. Painted by Hannah Merle in 2016, this mural can also be easily seen while driving on Seth Childs!

As you stop by to enjoy these murals, make sure to tag The Little Apple Life so we can see all the fun. Also, if you find a new one, let me know. I am always happy to update this list!

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