Varsity Donuts

The donuts are next level! Come for a classic or try one of their seasonal specials.

Varsity Donuts opened in 2011 in Manhattan’s entertainment district, Aggievile. The building was originally built in 1929 and was used as a Drug Store for the community. Throughout the years there are been various businesses. Throughout the years the character and charm of the building is alive and well. From the original mosaic flooring to the soaring ceiling and custom wood cabinets and display cases, walking into the shop is like taking a step back into history.

The history of the building has been preserved and part of what makes the experience so perfect!

Varsity Donuts carry a variety of donuts daily, they also have specialty donuts that rotate throughout the year on somewhat of a seasonal basis. The locals definitely have their favorites! While I enjoy trying their new specials, my favorites tend to be the classics, a Maple Bar and Chocolate Bar. My husband, however, enjoys The Larry and Maple Bacon Bar.

After your first trip, you will understand while their slogan is, “Donuts Make People Happy!”

Although right now everyone is adjusting to these unusual times. During more normal situations on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you will normally find family and friends taking a little time to catch up and enjoy their sweet treat with each other!

Relax and enjoy seating areas throughout that allow people to visit with their family and friends.

If you are looking to burn some of those “donut calories,” you can rent one of the Varsity Bike’s and take tour of the area. Just make sure you go inside to rent one and have a nostalgic ride.

Some of the amazing donuts waiting for you at Varsity Donuts!

The other super fun thing about going to Varity Donuts, is the merch! It is perfect to commerate your trip or to remind yourself that as they say, “Donuts Make People Happy!”

I hope you are able to swing by and try Varsity, their hours are pretty much all day. If you are in a hurry, you can also order here for a quick pick up!

On the weekends they close for a short time in the afternoon to open back up in the evening through 2:30 am. During that time it is perfect for a fun Friday night splurge or you can always stop by the Varsity Food Truck! The food truck is all about late-night food and hot fresh donuts!

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