Date: April 29, 2021
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10 Reasons I Love Living in Manhattan, KS

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I have lived in Manhattan, KS since 1998 and I absolutely love it here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Here are my Top 10 Reasons I love living in Manhattan, KS!

I have lived in Kansas all my life and I absolutely love it here! However, when I met my now husband I was not so sure where he stood! Coming from upstate New York, needless to say, Kansas was a little bit of a change for him! Fortunately for me, he really enjoyed it here as well. He actually enjoyed it so much that when he was transferred to various Army bases, I would stay here because any chance he got to take a vacation this was where he wanted to go.

If you have read my "about me" then you know that I love living in Manhattan, KS, and the Flint Hills region. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to share with new clients and is also a huge part of why I started this blog! There is so much more to this area than wide-open spaces, but don't get me wrong, we do have some of those!

Sunset at Manhattan Hill in Manhattan, KS

A good amount of the buyers that I meet with have never been to Kansas. Most of the time they are generally surprised once they arrive in the area. Entering off of I-70 through the Flint Hills surprises most people as they take in the views while driving into Manhattan on the Bill Snyder Highway through the Konza Prairie and its spectacular rolling hills. Then after they spend a little time in town they are always amazed at how welcoming the people are. Then as they explore more of town they are surprised at all the things there is to do in and around the area. What always seems to be the cherry on top is when they learn about the convenience of being able to Fly MHK! While I could come up with so much more about why I love it here, I kept my list to 10.

The People here are amazing! A good portion of the community are transplants from all over the world so there is a broad demographic and also an understanding of the community! Then you have those of us who are here because we simply can't imagine living anywhere else and just love to share our amazing community with new people and visitors alike!

Flint Hills and the Outdoors are perfect for those who enjoy boating, kayaking, hiking, fishing, or hunting. There are so many options both around the Manhattan, KS area as well as the Konza Prairie and Flint Hills to enjoy time spent in nature!

You can cheer on the Cats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium with 50,000 plus! KSU also brings in the Landon Lecture series, concert, and performance series at McCain!

Kansas State University provides our community with so many opportunities, not only for continuing education options but also activities for the community to participate in. Throughout the year Kansas State University hosts several events that share different aspects of the university. In the Fall you can cheer on the Cats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium with 50,000 plus! KSU also brings in the Landon Lecture series, concert, and performance series at McCain!

Tuttle Creek is another spot to enjoy the outdoors, Tuttle Creek State Park sits on 1,200 recreational acres. Visitors of Tuttle Creek can rent campsites or one of the 11 cabins located in the River Pond area. The River Pond area is one of the most popular areas since it is closest to town, but other areas like Fancy Creek, Randolph, and Cedar Ridge are also excellent options for exploring.

Museums and the Arts! Manhattan and the Flint Hills area have several options for lovers of the arts and museums. While McCain encompasses a good portion of the Visual Arts opportunities in the area, locals in Manhattan, KS enjoy the various productions at the Manhattan Arts Center and in Wamego, The Colombian Theatre. Locals and visitors alike can also enjoy The Beech Museum, Strecker Art Gallery, Volland Store (Alma, KS), Fort Riley (U.S. Cavalry Museum), OZ Museum (Wamego, KS), and more!

Konza Prairie Scenic Overlook
Sunset at the Konza.

Sunsets here are some of the best in the world! I know you might think I am exaggerating, but I promise that our sunsets will absolutely take your breath away! In fact, when clients are moving on to their next chapter that is one of the things I hear the most, "I am going to miss these sunsets!" Seriously, they are THAT GOOD!!

Our melting pot of cultures provides us with a variety of fantastic restaurants, food trucks, and festivals where professional chefs and fabulous home cooks can show off what they got!

Our "Foodie Culture" while in Kansas this might not be your first thought when you think of where foodies live, but our melting pot of cultures provides us with a variety of fantastic restaurants, food trucks, and festivals where professional chefs and fabulous home cooks can show off what they got!

We have an Entrepreneur mindset. Voted one of the best places to start a small business, a good portion of the area are self employed and understand the dedication and community support that it takes to not only own a small business but succeed at it! There are endless resources both through Kansas State University and local businessmen and women who are ready, willing and able to help how they can. The mindset of what is good for one of us is good for us all thrives here!

Educational opportunities are widely available for traditional and non-traditional students! Whether you are looking for a traditional four-year university, Christian College, Vo tech, or an Associate's Degree there are several options from Wamego, to Manhattan as well as on Fort Riley and in Junction City, KS

Fly MHK makes it easy for locals and guests alike to get in and out of town easily and with ALL the conveniences of a small airport! The airport flies daily to Chicago, IL, and Dallas, Texas which makes it perfect for those coming in or taking off on your vacation! In fact, you can check out the places I enjoy traveling to from the MHK airport!

While like I said, I could go on and on about how great this place is, but there really is a "vibe" that can only be understood when you spend time here. It is an amazing place and if you have any questions just let me know. Like I mentioned, like most people, I am willing to help however I can!!

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